TVF | Gully Cricket Qtiyapa

Gully boys! Hear all the rules carefully! If anyone has any doubts about the rules later on, I’ll cut y’all into pieces and feed you to the birds! Now listen! The first ball will be a trial ball. An overthrow and offside won’t be counted as a run. Whoever wins will bat first. A catch with one bounce will be […]

Brian vs. Jason for the Fate of the Channel

>>BRIAN: Let me go dive in.>>This looks way better than the Honey Bun I had for breakfast. [laughs]>>This episode of The Modern Rogue brought to you by Hello Fresh.>>Go to and use promo code MODERNROGUE10 and get 10 free meals.>>Keep us in business and get free shipping too.>>It’s delicious.>>Just allow the cue ball, to just come to its natural […]

table tennis backhand push

STEVE FOSTER: Hi there, Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the Backhand Push. So start in your normal match Ready Position which we looked at before For right-handers on the left side of the table For left-handers on the right side of the table And what you need to do is to start with your bat (racket) […]

고양이와 함께하는 신나는 볼링게임!ㅣAn exciting bowling game with a cat!

Well, today we’re going to play bowling. Can cats enjoy bowling games well? Toltole player is entering. What’s this? hey~Toltole, hit the ball. I think it’s because Toltole is still strange. Oh, is Toltole finally rolling the ball? It’s not your direction, Toltol. That’s not biting Oh, is the Toltole player finally starting? The ball’s not biting. I think Toltole’s […]

Controlling the Direction of Groundstrokes in Pickleball

Hi there it’s Mark from Third Shot Sports. Today we’re going to talk about controlling the direction on groundstrokes. Obviously that’s important because it’s the difference between hitting a shot that is an unforced error and goes out or hitting a winning shot. So, there are some myths out there about what actually controls the direction of groundstrokes. We’re going […]