7 Year Old Wonderkid Showing Amazing Football Skills for Kids

Hallo Leute, hier ist TekkerzKid! Und ich zeige euch ein paar tödliche Tricks die den Verteidiger wie ein Mannequin aussehen lassen. Schritt1: Benutze deinen starken Fuß um den Ball über deinen schwächeren zu Rollen! Schritt 2: Rolle den Ball jetzt zurück und berühre ihn mit deinem Knie… Schritt 3: Ziehe den Ball am Verteidiger vorbei. Behalte deinen Rücken dem Gegner […]

STIKBALL: The Squishy, Sticky Indoor Baseball

[MUSIC PLAYING] When you’re ready for a ball with unexpected fun, grab Stikball. Stikball as a soft rubbery toy with an adhesive surface that’s easy to throw, and lands with a– [SPLAT] Use it as a stress ball. Bottom of the ninth, two outs, a perfect time for a commercial break. Throw it around indoors or invent your own game. […]

Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Ball Tampering

Okay who’s talking poorly of the Australian cricket team. Who is calling us cheats? What is this fucking bullshit? As far as I can see Bancroft is fixing up his pants This is a classic boxer shorts issue He’s trying to get some fresh air to the meat and potatoes And everyone’s watching him on the big screen making accusations […]

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

He’s looking forward to this match To see whether Saive will have any jawbreaking action during the match I’m totally excited European players are better at receiving “heavy” strikes are they going to spin around? they’re going to do it! it was so close he even had it all planned out If the last point was IN just now they […]