Chess as cybersecurity strategy.

I always like to use analogies, so here let’s use a chess board as a way to describe a company’s cybersecurity strategy Now, the security team has already made strategic investments in things like AV, Mobile Device Management, Patch Management, Vulnerability Assessment, and EDR/EPP. All of these pieces are in place to protect the king, which is corporate information. The […]

Kabir Singh – Full Movie 2019 with English Subtitles | Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani | Latest Cinema

Love is like an ocean.It is deep and profound.You cannot conquer it.You can only feel its intensity.It could either feel chaotic or peaceful.Chaotic, for the ones who don’t understand it.Peaceful, for the oneswho are separated by time and circumstances,but nothing can keep them apart.Kabir, the Indian poet and sainthad said thatnothing ever remains the same.Saint Kabir also said thattime and […]

Oye Telugu Full Movie | Siddharth, Shamili, Krishnudu | Sri Balaji Video

Celebrations! There are many reasons to celebrate. Many occasions. This new year celebration is like public birthday. l celebrate every occasion grandly, l used to celebrate new year very grandly, because January 1st is my birthday. But l stopped celebrating it from last year. Today evening is Christmas party. Tomorrow Australia is playing against New Zealand. One of the team […]