Sye Aata

I toId him hundred times, you’re heading for bad time, so offer speciaI prayers to avert it, he didn’t care, so Iost his Iife. Brother, I’ve decided to kiII the murderer of Prithvi. PIanets are favourabIe, don’t underestimate Shankar, You must finish the job in 30 minutes. – By now he wouId be… What are you seeing? The kiIIer went […]

Modern warfare

Echo 3 1 2 Charlie to actual go for actual LZ is in sight hug I’m going around that time girdle Roger 3 1 hit man teams are locked and loaded for assault. You are green to go Colonel we may have a problem too late as well for life. Not until I say so Watch it. A31 how copy […]

PUBG | BakLol Video

[Music] Whom should I call to play with ? Who are online ? Let me invite Yogesh Yogesh..! Let’s play PUBG Are you mad ? Don’t you have any work ? I am not playing We will have fun No, I am going Damn he left Let me invite Sweety Here is my invite to Sweety She will definitely come […]


Today will be a football match Russia-Egypt Russia vs Egypt Let’s go now to the cafe where the match is broadcast and we will support Russia Russia, Russia, Russia !!!! Aya: I’m going to wear a T-shirt “Russia” Okay, we go. Open the door. Waiting for Dany So we are here. Where are you? We’re down Where are you? Malyak: […]