NEW Blaze and the Monster Machines Construction Episode Sneak Peek & Special Song | Nick Jr.

January 11th, the excitement is building, because your favorite monster trucks are about to become… A bulldozer! A crane! An excavator! We’re construction vehicle monster machines! But when Crusher draws up a blueprint for disaster, can Blaze and his crew construct the perfect plan to save the day? And all-new Blaze and the Monster Machines, January 11th. Part of a […]

The Backyardigans: Race around the World – Ep.17

Hi, I’m Pablo. My name’s Tyrone. I’m Uniqua. I’m Tasha. And my name’s Austin. All: And we’re… ♪ Your backyard friends, The Backyardigans ♪ ♪ Together with The Backyardigans ♪ Pablo: ♪ In the place where we belong ♪ Uniqua: ♪ Where we’ll probably sing a song ♪ Tasha: ♪ And we’ll maybe dance along ♪ All: ♪ We’ve got […]

Soup. – Minecraft Mini Animation

Hello? Hey What’s Up? I Need your help, can you come here? Ahh… I Can’t, I’m buying cloths. Alright well hurry up and come over here. Uhh… I can’t find them. What do you mean you can’t find them? I can’t find them, There’s only soup. What do you mean there’s only SOUP? It mean’s there’s only Soup. WELL THEN […]

Pink Panther Goes For The Gold | 35 Minute Compilation | Pink Panther & Pals

(dramatic Pink Panther theme) ♪ ♪ (cheering) (crowd gasps) (cheering) (cheering) (crowd booing) (crunching) (air horn sounds) (groans) (dog barks) (air horn blares) (clattering) (chuckles) (groans) (yells) (screams, groans) (screams) (groaning) (crowd cheers) (screaming) (crowd cheers) (crowd boos) YAH! OOH! (crowd cheers) (electronic pulsing) WAH! (dog barks) (chomp) (grumbling) (disc beeping) (electronic beeping) (chuckles) (dog barks) (chomp) (crash) (yells) (clapping) […]

Annoying Orange Plays – Tattletail #3: Peanut Butter Bowling Ball Sandwiches!

(upbeat electronic music) (laughing) – [A.O.] Hey, yo, it’s A.O. back again with another gaming video. We’re back with more Tattletail! If you watched last episode, I was stuck playing hide-and-go-seek with Tattletail’s friend. All the while, a demonic Furby is trying to eat my face. It’s fun. (cackling maniacally) Okay, here he is. – [Furby] You found me. – […]

Annoying Orange – WII BOWLING

– Fruit lovers assemble. – [Orange] Me and Little A are gonna play with our Wii (laughs). – [Apple] Little A? Is that my new nickname? – [Orange] Yep, just invented it. – [Apple] Well, it sure beats what you normally call me. Whaddya wanna play? – [Orange] You know what I wanna play. ♫ Wii bowling, bowling, bowling, bowling, […]