Setter Home Consultation | AW Vlog 023

– Here, I’ll sit on the toilet while you… – Yeah, give us the real perspective [intro music] – Cool. So, guys… We are here with Setter. This is Adam with Setter and we are doing a ten point safety check and home consultation. You ready? – I’m ready to go. – Alright, let’s go. Adam is with Setter. Roxy […]

Sweet Point’s Setter Tales (S1, E5)

On this episode of Setter Tales we’re joined by Steve Ries of Top Gun Kennel along with John Howard and Dave Dourson of Kinetic Dog Food on a hunt for wild Iowa pheasants over three special gun dogs I’m Wade Kisner and I grew up hunting upland birds. Nothing’s better than chasing a couple English Setters called Sweet Lou and […]

CNC TOOL SETTER (part 1/2)

ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE DIY Z-AXIS TOOL SETTER ACCURATE – EASY – CHEAP DONE IN 3 HOURS TOTAL COST 10$ HOW IT WORKS… WHAT WE NEED… Linear bearing 6mm (e.g. LMH6) Dowel pin DIN 7 – 6×40 Retaining ring (external) DIN 471 – 6mm Spring with inner diameter 6mm 3x bolt DIN 912 – M3x10 O-ring 4x1mm Cable with end connector […]

2017 Cuesta College RN Pinning Ceremony

(background noise drowns out dialogue) (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams) ♫ It might seem crazy what I’m about to say ♫ Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break ♫ I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space ♫ With the air, like I don’t care ♫ Baby, by the way ♫ Because I’m happy ♫ Clap along if […]