ChartSpan at Graves Gilbert Clinic

My name is John-Michial Carter and I’m the CEO of ChatSpan. The company’s origins were really from my brother who was an 18-year practicing clinician who just thought that patient engagement should really be the focus of what health care is about and so he and I built the company together. We’re very much a family-run company. Two brothers who […]

Dude Perfect Basketball Shootout | FACE OFF

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of face off! What are you doing? Oh, we are having ourselves a little [dude’s] perfect three-point contest let’s see who the competitors are competitor number one will be Cory! Very nice! Competitor number 2 will be! I’ll smoke coby. We got ourselves a win battle! and the announcer, ME! Assume your role! […]

5 Simple Tips For Getting Top Engine Performance

– Hey, this is Donnie Smith and I’ve got a special video today. We’re gonna talk about getting the top performance out of your engine. I want to thank Pennzoil for sponsoring this video and for providing me with a little training that I’m gonna share with you. And I think you’re gonna find this interesting. Pennzoil invited me to […]