Spin Trick Shots | That’s Amazing

we’re that’s amazing and welcome to
Spin Trick Shots! yeah there you go my fingers are numb you’ve already seen us stack dice before
and also knock out the bottom ones but this time we’re going to add our own
spin to it I am now the dice stacking guy that was
amazing so that spun in the cup look at this contraption right here it’s
a wheel with two plastic cups it looks simple enough but it’s actually very
very complicated the ball goes into the cups and into the second chamber bring
the camera over here look right down there where’s the ball it disappeared
underneath it can now ride the wheel without falling out you’re just
absolutely genius Mark Rober it’s time for collab that’s been come below I say a spit or cat’s
spit for hat pin or has been you got to give this video a like after having made that shot there are
three things I learned one don’t do trick shots between your house – you
might almost hit your own window and three always know where the Ice is this is a spinning faster there you go I am the only one awake right now
perfect time to do a spin trick shot that was a double spin right there the
cars spun and the wheel original but slightly out of control
have you guys ever wondered how to spin a pen on the tip I’ve got the answer
this is the pen spinner 1000 you put the pen in between the magnets just give
your pen a spin and you are done look at how cool that is Wow direct hit right there I am back with another impossible feat
of science let’s send it over here hey this is it right here it looks terrible
once again I’m not going to making stuff look good but it works you throw a ping
pong ball into it comes out the back into another cup and of course the fans
gotta be spinning before we end this video give this
100,000 likes and we will teach Colin how to spin a ball on his finger yeah
but for real not just on pencil that I gave to him