Small Business, Big Opportunities. It’s Bowling TIME!

Small Business, Big Opportunities.  It’s Bowling TIME!

Reid and Associate Financial Solutions works with small businesses because we understand that small business owners spend their entire lifetime building their company and the wealth inside of it. We know this because we’re a small business owner too. Our process of setting goals and targets allows us to integrate business assets into personal assets tax efficiently and possibly even creditor protect them if necessary. Did you know that you have different options of investing inside of your corporation. So why not take advantage of it? An insurance policy inside of your corporation can be paid with cheaper corporate dollars and if it’s a permanent life insurance policy that can grow tax-deferred and potentially even be paid out tax free upon your death. Our process and working alongside with your accountant allows you to make informed decisions that will benefit you for years to come. My plan is complete. My assets are integrating. It’ s Bowling TIME! STEE RIKE