See Gwen’s Unorthodox Method For Pinning A Killer | In Contempt

The People vs. Erin Koru. – What is this place?
– Our clothes closet. We keep a collection
of dresses and suits for clients who go to trial. It makes a better impression
than their baggy sweats and wife beaters. It is also Gwen’s
fight the power work space. What’s the smell? Smells like… Dirty socks,
pumpkin spice candles – and potato chips.
– Oh… This interrogation is so foul. The sneaker prints, Kyle!The ones by the broken window,
where the killer broke in.The treads match
your sneakers exactly!Now, that’s lie number one,
the sneaker prints don’t match. You’re allowed
to lie to the suspect. Yeah, but just watch.We’ve got the results
of your polygraph.The spike here
says you’re lying.No. It can’t be.Lie number two, the lie
detector test was inconclusive.You were high, OK?You broke into your
mother’s house to steal money,which you had done
before, Kyle.OK, you got into
an argument with her.And that’s when you stabbed her.No! I swear to God,
I was with Alana.Here comes lie number three.‘Cause we spoke with Alana,
she said you weren’t with her.– I was!
– That’s a lie.This went on for 19 hours. So what’s your next move? Alana, she’s
a delightful stripper friend and probably a drug buddy. The cops picked her up
but she refused to talk. Kitson never talked to her? Kitson was never the same after that second avenue
murder trial. Surprised he didn’t
check out earlier.I didn’t kill my mother.Please…I thought it was just
another annoying guilty client proclaiming his innocence
but now I’m thinking that he actually
might be innocent.Please… I didn’t kill her.