Santana Moss Says Dan Snyder Wanted Him to Play Through Injury | Untold Stories

Santana Moss Says Dan Snyder Wanted Him to Play Through Injury  | Untold Stories

– I was like, “Well, in New York, I, you know, I had a Vicodin and a Toradol in a game and played lights-out. He’s like, “Well, we need to do that.” ♪♪♪ – [Master Tesfatsion:] Santana Moss. What’s up, baby? – S’up, my brother? How you doin’, baby? – [Master:] How you livin’? I’m good, man. How’re you? – I can’t complain. I can’t complain. – Now, people know you for your football play. What about your pool play, man? What’s up? – I got a little summin’ now. – Oh, you do? – When you have a pool table in your house, you can’t say you don’t know how to play. – Exactly. – You just might not be a pro. – [Master:] Let’s see what you can do. We got a cue— – Yeah, yeah. – [Master:] We got a stick right there for ya. Go ahead and break it for us. Made one of these. – White ball went over there. – [Master:] So in 2005, you’re in Washington. What was your relationship like with Dan Snyder? And what stories do you have of Dan Snyder? – The relationship was there. You know, one of the things I learned early: He loved all his guys, but if you was the guy that laid on the line for him, he really loved you. And I remember ’07— – Tell me what happened. – [Santana Moss:] You know, I’m sittin’ in the, uh, training room, banged-up heel after playin’ the Jets, playin’ my old team. And never seen Dan Snyder in the training room, ever in my life since I’ve been a Redskin. And he walks down and, like, “You playin’ this week?” And you know what week it was. It was Cowboys Week. – That’s, that’s why he was in that training room? – [Santana:] And I’m sittin’ there: “Well, it’s a possibility I can be out there. I gotta see if somethin’ gonna work.” – [Master:] Mhmm. – And he’s like, “Whatchu need?” And I was like, “Well, in New York, I, you know, I had a Vicodin and a Toradol in a game and played lights-out. He’s like, “Well, we need to do that.” He’s like, “Miss these days of practice. On Friday, we gonna try.” So, um, Friday comes. And they cut my shoe out to make sure I can fit my foot in ‘em cuz the heel’s just so sore and big I can’t put nothin’ on it. And I tape—I spat my shoe up. I spat it to my foot so I can keep the shoe on. And I go out there Friday—I’m probably 50 percent? But it’s Friday practice. Friday practice is like a modified walkthrough, which is not— but you wanna get a good sweat. And you already told me you talked to Portis. ‘Round D.C., now that we done playin’, we talk about these, these Henny Games we done had. – This “famous” shot game, the Henny game. You know, it was just, if we had one of those games, like, “Man, I gotta go ball out. Cheers.” And we out. – That game, goin’ to the Cowboys, I had to do more than a shot. I remember goin’ to the game so paranoid— “Lemme just go ahead and drink a lil’ more.” – [Master:] How much is more? – [Santana:] Normally, what I would do, and what we was doin’, we’d have a shot. This particular game, I literally took my Gatorade bottle after I finished drinkin’ the Gatorade, went into my bookbag and I had my, always had a little Henny. It was probably, like, a personal. – The lil’, lil’, uh— – [Santana:] The lil’ personal— – The lil’ pocket batch? – [Santana:] And V.S.O.P. You can’t just say Henny without sayin’ the V.S.O.P., bruh. Cuz you gotta have that, wanna have that lil’ “umph” with it. – [Master:] Mhmm. – [Santana:] I opened it, and I poured it into my Gatorade bottle. – How much Hennessy filled up the Gatorade bottle? – [Santana:] Halfway. Halfway. – [Master:] All right. – [Santana:] To me, halfway was too much. And I didn’t think that I would drink that much, but by the time— You drank the whole thing?! – By the time I got to the locker room, it was almost, almost gone. – Wow. – [Santana:] I get out there on the field and…I didn’t take the Vicodin or the Toradol yet, and I’m bouncin’ on this doggone Cowboy field. I’m just—and Dan out there early. And he like, “How you feel?” I’m like, “I’m ready to go.” But they don’t know why I feel like this. – They thinkin’ it’s the Toradol and the Vicodin. – Now, I took the first bus to get on there before everybody else so I could really test this heel out. Now the second bus and the third bus done got all the guys. They see me in the locker—they like, “Ohhhh! Tanaman back! We got 89.” And so I get out there to go out there with the team. That feeling I had before done wore off. So I’m like, “I need this Toradol and this doggone, you know, Vicodin.” – So wait. You drank half a bottle of Hennessy— oh, you drank half a Gatorade bottle of Hennessy. – [Santana:] Half of that. Yeah. – And then you took Vicodin and Toradol? – So the Vicodin and Toradol came after I realized that that heel wasn’t gonna hold up the whole four quarters. I’m already startin’ to feel the effects of it gettin’ ready to go back in there before we come out, you know, for the coin toss. – [Master:] Mhmm. – [Santana:] The feeling that I had pregame before the, the lil’ pain kicked in, it zonked me out so much. Like, I literally heard a pin drop in the nosebleeds. I was in the zone. And I knew. I was like, “This could either be trouble for me, or trouble for the opposing person that finna line up in front of me.” – So what ended up happenin’? – So that game was like, like no other, man. I ended up havin’ one of the better games of my career, against the Cowboys, rather. Had 100-somethin’ yards, a touchdown, and this had been removed from two weeks prior. I didn’t play in the two games prior. And had a chance to win the game at the end again. If Jason bringin’ that ball down a little bit lower, I’m catchin’ the post in the back of the end zone to beat these guys again on the last play. But it didn’t work out that way, but I ended up went out there and laid it on the line for the team and the owner. – What did, what did Dan Snyder say to you after you played that game? – He just knew it was—he didn’t, he didn’t know nothin’ about what had transpired before the Toradol and the Vicodin, but he’s like, “I appreciate that. Like, man, you know what? That, that was big of you.” And leavin’ that game, you know, everybody appreciated me a lil’ more. Like, “Tanaman, you went out there and took one for the team, and we appreciate you for that.” Especially the owner. – [Master:] What are your thoughts on Toradol? – [Santana:] Um— – How’d you feel about usin’ that, and now that you know the effects of it, what do you think about it? – Still not, still not 100 percent sure of the effects. Um, but I know that it was guys that had a lot to say about it, that that was a reason—or they was addictive to it, and that’s some of the reasons why they was fightin’ to kinda ban it. Um, it’s crazy because by the last four or five seasons of my career, it was taken away. So—[laughing] – [Master laughing] – Remember I just told you I felt like I couldn’t play without it? Oh, now I have to play without it. It was taken away, so. You know, one of the things that I say about this game: We walk into this game knowin’ what some of the things that we gonna have to deal with, whether it’s gonna be the rest of our lives or just for that moment. – Mhmm. – And so I feel like some of this stuff comes with the game, so we gotta just suck it up. And whatever allows us to play the game, as long as it’s not illegal, you gotta do what you do. – Hey, man. You nice, bro. – Got a lil’ summin’ in me. – You ‘bout to bust my ass right now. – [Laughing] Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.