Sailing to the Most Famous Island in Brazil! Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 190

Soloman Island people. See, we people style
originally from my home land. Like my old man say,
there’s nothing impossible. Previously, on Delos. First casualty. I’ve got her by her bra
just in case she goes over. [LAUGHTER] One meter into the keel. And we hit the bottom
going up a shallow river. [IMPACT] Oh! There’s bottom, right there. [GASP] What’s the plan, Bri? No plan. We’re going to get over the
bar before it gets low tide. And that’s about it. Are you guys excited? Mm-hmm. Yeah. At least we get going, yeah? Going to get our revenge
on the sailing today. I like it. No sea sickness. Yeah. How far is this sail, Bri? 280 miles, I think? Pretty much. North, northeast
of where we are. So it should take us two days? Yeah. It feels so good
to be moving again. Woo! OK, coming out! Pull, pull, pull! Pull hard! There you go. That’s a pretty
good workout, huh? Yeah. It feels so good to be on our
way to Fernando de Noronha right now. For me, at least, it has
felt like this little gem that we’ve been looking for
to for the last five months. So it definitely feels good
to be back out on the water. A lot different than
Sweden, eh, Maria? Yeah. What do you think? Like a rollercoaster. Woo! Woohoo! Super fun. Are you guys feeling
a lot better? Yeah. Well, that’s a much better
way to spend your holiday than puking into
the Atlantic Ocean. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. It is. And if you turned around, look. There’s an awesome
sunset back there. It’s going to be a
good one, I think. Things are good. Good temperatures. Good sea state. Good wind. Making split pea soup
with ham for dinner. It smells good. Yeah. It smells a lot. Senor Brady’s down there
pressure cooking it up. Ow. It is hot. What’s all in there? Ham and peas and potatoes. Dinner is being
served, everybody. How is it, you guys? Really good. It’s hot, though. The motion of the
boat is real good. It’s just, Delos is
slicing through the waves, and the swell isn’t too big. And the wind isn’t crazy. So I think it’s a
good night to be out. And the moon is really bright. I’m going to make
myself a nice tea and enjoy the next few hours
of this beautiful sail. Morning. Good morning. It’s 3 o’clock. Not much has happened
on our watch. I ate two pears
and one cup of tea. There’s this big
tanker from Brussels that’s going to hopefully
just pass in front of us. And he is three
miles away from us? I always get really freaked
out by other big ships coming close to us– especially when I’m out here
by myself and it’s night. It’s just a weird feeling
to see a huge ship coming in your path, directly. So that’s what’s
going on out here. Keeping my fingers crossed
for a good sunrise. I got super, super lucky and
got on the sunset-sunrise shift for these couple of days. It’s awesome. All right. That’s it. How does it feel,
not seeing land for the first time, Ragnar? Pretty exciting. Yeah? Yeah. I haven’t really thought
of it that much, though. It’s not that crazy, huh? No. No. I think the water
depth is more– that’s freaking me out
more than not seeing land. That there’s 4,500
meters of water below us. Yeah. Yeah, it’s hard to get
your head around that. And you sleep just a few
centimeters from the ocean, in your bunk. Just a small piece
of fiberglass. Yeah. Just as long as I’m
in the boat, we’re OK. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. You don’t want to go
for a little swim-swim? No. No, not at all. How about you? Are you going to a
bowling tournament today? No. I’m repping Brazilian
yacht club swag. Oh! It’s my new style. [INAUDIBLE] What are you reading? Longitude. Whoa. About how they discovered
it, because it puzzled many people for a long time. And now I just think,
what if these dudes that were studying it in the
1600s knew that there’s just satellites flying
around that are always telling us where we are? And a computer that has– They would be like– –charts and depths
and reefs and– Yeah. So many things. But I think it would
be cool to start– like we were talking
about the other day, start plotting stuff of where
we are and figuring stuff out, getting a sextant and stuff. You want to get a sextant? Yeah. We should do it. We can get a sextant. I think it’d be interesting. OK. OK. We can get one. Add it to the wish list. Mm-hmm. Just another day. Do you see anything, Ragnar? Yeah. Land ho, everybody! [MUSIC – LAIKIPIA, “HELLO
DREAMER”] Land ho. Barely visible. Fernando de Noronha. We’ve been waiting for this
moment for a long time. Whee! Dolphins. Why are there so many? It’s always a good sign,
dolphins showing the way in. GoPro on a stick! You’ve been dreaming
for so long. Now you’re waking. You’re still waiting for
the sun to come along. How cute are they, Brady? [SQUEAL] All your fantasies pointed
at things you can’t see. [MUSIC – LAIKIPIA, “LIVING OUTSIDE”] I’ll show you. I’ll go in first. If you walk with it,
you have to grab it. If you miss it,
it’s a big problem. [LAUGHTER] Woo! I don’t mind what
you want to do. That was a big wave. Take your time. Let your body go find yourself
the answer if you really want to know. I don’t mind living
outside, living outside. [INAUDIBLE] He’s like, I’m not
missing that line. Have you ever jumped in
that deep of water before? Never! Don’t you worry. It’s not too late. [LAUGHTER] I need to get momentum up. Come on, [INAUDIBLE]. Come on! Oh, that was good timing there. Got it! Do you want to go in with me? Sure. Oh, I don’t mind living
outside, living outside. 1,000 meter deep swimming pool. Get used to it. Yeah. How was that, Maria? Refreshing. Is that a Snickers bar? Snickers. [LAUGHTER] Back to sailing. Coming around this
side of the island now, and it is beautiful– crazy rock formations, some
greenery, lots of birds. Looks like a cool island. Bigger than I thought, though. There you go. She’s sailing. Sailing! I have to stand on my
toes to see something. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Just get a shot of
her [INAUDIBLE].. A lot of local boats moored out. A small harbor with a
beach in front of it. It’s pretty nice. Does this look like
a good line to you? Just even with the yellow
ones, and then drop? Yeah. Yeah? OK. Dropping! OK, we’ve made it. Fernando de Noronha. Cervesas for [INAUDIBLE]! Cervesa. De nada. Ragnar’s been working hard
the past couple hours, making sure we had cold beers. It’s hard work, but
somebody’s got to do it. I’m proud of you. Because we normally
never do it, and we sit here and drink warm
beer when we get to a place. Well, everybody did really good. Good job, guys. [INAUDIBLE] Cheers, guys. Cheers. Wait. I didn’t cheers. Oh, yeah. Cheers. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Fernando de Noronha is
an archipelago made up of an 11 square mile chunk of
volcanic rock and 20 smaller islands. It lays three degrees south
of the equator and 220 miles from Brazil’s northeast coast. Just about all the
friends we made in Brazil mentioned something
about Noronha saying it was an eco wonderland
with crystal clear water teeming with life, incredible
nature walks, and even nicer beaches– in fact, so nice that it
was declared a Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2001. The preservation of nature
is taken very seriously here, and the number of
visitors are limited. There’s also a mandatory
environmental preservation fee charged to anyone
that visits the island. The prices to visit Noronha are
among the steepest in Brazil, making it a known playground
for the rich and famous. With all that said, we were
so excited to be here and see if our experience
matched the reputation of this exotic destination. It’s a busy day today. We’re going for a dive– our first dive in Noronha. First dive in Noronha. Should be good. Yeah. We saw a sign yesterday in the– In the dive shop. Yeah. In a ship right there. Skinny little rec dive. All right, everybody ready? Vamos. Eleani Sthatatos is a 160
meter Greek steel freighter that ran aground here in 1929. This ship was loaded
with railway materials for a railroad in Argentina. She remained stranded
for a few months before she was
abandoned by the crew. And eventually, 17 years
after running aground, the hull submerged totally. It was amazing to see
quite a few of the ship’s big structures so
well preserved, and these big schools
of fish finding shelter among the wreckage. [MUSIC – BROCK BERRIGAN,
“MIDNIGHT SWIM”] (SINGING) Give it up. It’s gonna be all right. Give it up. It’s gonna be all right. Give it up. It’s gonna be all right. Give it up. It’s gonna be all right. All night, all right. With you. Why do you gotta [INAUDIBLE]? Give it up. It’s gonna be all right. That’s crazy. Fuck. What you doing, Senor? It’s been quite dark
up here for a while. I’ve been thinking
about this for years. So you’ve got these
12-volt LED strip lights. The only problem is, the
boat is wired for 24 volts. So we got two of them. And then Brian told me
to run them in series– crossing wires and shit. Do you know how to do that? Yeah. It should work. Cool. We’ll see. Check back in a little bit. What are you nuggets doing? Scratching my balls. Gross. Gross. Gross. [INAUDIBLE] I ate too fast. Yeah, me too. My belly need the lay-down. A lay-down. Oh, let’s see, Kazza. Let’s get a good angle on it. Oh. [INAUDIBLE] you completely
block Brian out when you do it. Huh. Nice. Huh. Huh, huh. It’s hot back here. Like, hot-hot. This is the best thing ever– runs off solar power. Doesn’t take too much. About the same as a laptop. And it makes ice pretty
as quick as we can use it. In the hot weather,
it is the best. Senior has done
pure magic up here. Check this out. I did it. This reflects off the
wood so it’s double. That’s awesome. What are you guys doing? Grooming? Sort of. [LAUGHTER] Oh, fuck. What did she do? Did she just stab your ear? That’s my ear. She just slashed your ear. Oops. Oops. Focus, baby. Focus. Opa. How are you guys feeling? Feeling good. Yeah? Did your headache
go away, Ragnar? Yeah. Yeah. Did you take a grandpa? Yeah. Yeah. And then maybe we’ll go
snorkeling– swimming, get in the water,
go lay on the beach. Sound good? Yeah. Yeah, let’s just get– Prepare yourself mentally. On our way in, we
spotted these guys. Noronha has one of the largest
populations of spinner dolphins in the world, and they have
the protected here since 1990. Are you getting a shot, Kazza? I don’t know! I think so! Wow. They’re everywhere. Oh! Got them. Wow, they’re not shy at all. And we’re going to go
down here, and hopefully complete our mission,
which is to buy the pass for the national park. So everything contained
within this red line here– all these trails,
all these beaches– everything except for the city
where we’re at right now– you need a pass to get into. We got it. 195 reais later,
foreign visitor. Yeah. Foreign visitor. So that allows us to
go into the red zone. Anywhere in the red zone. We’re good to go. What’s the name of
this beach, Blue? Sueste? Yeah. Pico de Sueste, I think? What have you thought
about Noronha so far? It’s been really good so far. Beautiful water. Seems like the conservation
work that they’re doing is working, because there’s
heaps of dolphins and turtles and fishies and everything
all over the place. So it’s pretty awesome to see. The beaches are nice. The water’s nice. It’s more on the expensive side. It’s by far the most
expensive anchorage we’ve ever been to in the entire world– 75 US dollars a day to
anchor, which is a bit much. That’s my only gripe, is it’s
fricking costly to be here. But it is well conserved, so
I’m happy to pay for that. And the water is
nice, and it’s warm. And it’s protected. What do you see? Baby sharks. It’s really cool. Because it’s so
protected around here and we can’t swim
in certain areas, it gives these guys a
chance to grow up and not be bothered or caught
or scared away. So on this beach, there’s– I don’t know. We’ve seen, like, 30 of them. Look at them! It’s pretty special to
see juvenile sharks having a safe place like this, here. And they didn’t even have to
close the whole beach down to tourists. They closed off half of it
for research, and half of it for a snorkel zone. And just alone from doing that–
just for saving a little space for them– it’s given the chance
for all these sharks to have a little nursery space. It’s really cool to see. And there are still a
bunch of tourists here. So everyone wins, you know? It’s pretty special. Up next, we do some
awesome land exploring– Well, that’s pretty cool. –say a sad goodbye
to Ragnar and Maria, and do some epic diving. [PARTY MUSIC] Like it? I like it a lot. What that, though? Don’t get me wet. Make it rain! What are we going to do now? To the harbor. That’s all I– We’re going to the bar. I thought we were
going to the bar. [INAUDIBLE] bar. Oh. Oh! OK. You look like a
crazy man right now. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] It’s not bad. No. It’s hot. It’s hot. It could be cold. It’s hot vodka. How crazy is that?