S. Korea becomes first country outside of Europe to host Winter Youth Olympic Games

south korea’s commando province has
officially been chosen to host the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games
this makes South Korea the events first host out country outside of the Europe
are conn-young Luke files this report from Switzerland come on the province will see a very
busy winter season at the beginning of 2024
that’s because South Korea and the province have been chosen to host the
2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games I can’t wait to welcome France to come
on in 2024 let’s move together in the landslide
vote the International Olympic Committee approved Korea’s proposal for the games
during Friday’s IOC Session in Switzerland making South Korea the
game’s first host country outside of Europe together with the youth will make
Okinawan 2024 of festival for the use of the world although the future host
Commission for the Olympic Winter Games received interest from Russia Bulgaria
and Romania the Commission approached komando province and the Korean
government instead of those three countries thanks to the huge success of
the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games the IOC decided to enter what they
call a targeted dialogue with South Korea after the Olympic Winter Games our
province changed from the land of country to the land of peace from the
land of taejun to the land of friendship after conducting a series of meetings
the future Commission saw a solid technical plan by South Korea that
emphasizes affordability and sustainability as the country plans to
make maximum use of the existing facilities income of the province also
from the very beginning of the talks with South Korea the IOC has indicated
that if circumstances allow it would be ready to accept North Korea as a partner
in organizing the event the legacy of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang
which accelerated the peace process on the Korean Peninsula we
live on with the Cullen Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2024 conn-young Arirang
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