Rebel Wilson Praises ‘Team Player’ Mariah Carey During Night Out in Aspen

So you’re in London
shooting Cats right now. Right? I know. I mean, not right now. You’re here. So that’s exciting. How’s that going? It’s pretty interesting
to be a cat all day. Doing a lot of like (PURRING). (HISSING). You know, like cat stuff. Right. Did you know that
that would happen? The movie is called Cats. Yeah. But it’s based on the
stage musical Cats. So I just thought about the
singing and dancing part, not about actually
being a cat every day. Right. And I mean, it’s cool. They have a little box
on the side and stuff. No. We do have to go to
cat school though, which is where we all just
pretend to be cats together. Who is in that school? Well, we have a lady called
Sarah that teaches us. I know. But who are the students? Who’s in it with you? Dame Judi Dench. Truly, though. Ian McKellen. Idris Elba. James Corden. Taylor Swift. The cast is spectacular. Yeah. So you’re all
taking cat classes? Yes. Yeah. Do you like cats? I’m allergic to
cats and to dogs. Oh. Yeah. That’s horrible. I could not live if I
was allergic to animals. They’re everything to me. Yeah. I feel so sorry for you. Yeah. My life is tough. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Please, send money. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. But Cats is going great. That’s great. That’s very exciting. Yeah. You guys will see it
for Christmas this year. Yeah. I can’t wait. Wonderful. All right. So last year was
the year of fun. Is that right? Yeah. 2018 for me was the year of fun. I just did so much fun
stuff, like jet skiing, helicoptering, going on a
glacial in a snowmobile. I went skiing at the end
of the year in Aspen. Do you call it skiing? I saw the pictures. [LAUGHTER] Well, OK. All right. Cause you’re on
your way up there. Yeah. And I was in the middle of Cats. So look how
picturesque it looks. Yeah. So that was at the top of
the chair lift, that photo. And then they said, OK, now
you have to go down the hill. And I’m like, can I just
get the chairlift back? Cause that’s like a ride. That seems pretty fun. And I was with my
ski instructor. Wait. How did it go getting
off the chairlift? I did fall off the ski lift. But then I brushed
myself off for the photo. Uh-huh. So yeah. Professional. And then I had a ski instructor,
Piglet, who came with us. Because I’m in the
middle of filming Cats. So I can’t break any bones. And she’s like, OK, so you
just got to ski down now. And I’m like, oh, I don’t know. And I skied for about
100 feet, Ellen. Oh, OK. Have you skied before. Yeah, but I forgot how to do it. Right. So what happened is then I
had to get medically rescued. Right. I’m sorry. But there was nothing
wrong with you. Right? Not technically. [LAUGHTER] But more just a vibe
that I didn’t want to ski down the massive hill. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. And this lovely gentleman Scott
came and rescued me in a sled. But he said, in order
to get enough speed to get down to the bottom we had
to go off the side of a cliff. So that ended up being more
scary than the actual skiing. Seriously? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was freaking out. I bet. I lost my poles. I lost my [BLEEP]. I was just like, ah! Yeah. Going down on this little sled. And you were there when
Mariah Carey was there. Yeah. So you hung out. Went out to dinner with Mariah. Have you met her before? No. You’d never met her? But obviously I love her music. Right. And so we went to a place
called the Caribou Club. I feel so cool, cause normally
I don’t go out to clubs. I mean, I know I
look like a partier. But normally it’s more
bubble baths for me. Uh-huh. Mariah too. She likes the bubble bath. Yeah. And so we went into this club. And it’s very exclusive. And security demanded that we
give our coats to them in order to get into the club. And Mariah’s like, no. My coat is part of the outfit. No. [LAUGHING] And then I was like,
what’s going to happen? And it’s freezing
cold outside the club. So we really wanted to get in. But then at the
end of the day, she did what was best for the group. Yeah. And we got in. [LAUGHTER] She’s a team player. Good to hear. Cause she’s such
an awesome lady. And then inside the
club they started playing her songs
cause she was in there. I’m like, yeah! Dancing. And so it turned out all right. Yeah. Well that sounds fancy.