Hello, spinners! You are on PenSpin and by the end of this
video you’re gonna know how to do Sonic Reverse –
variation of one of 4 fundamental tricks with a pen. If you don’t know how to do Sonic or any
other fundamentals – check out my video about 4 basic tricks in pen spinning, link
in description below. While doing Sonic Reverse your pen moves from
one slot to another making 1 full circle rotation 360 degree behind one finger counterclockwise. It looks like this and it could be made in
slots 12-23 and 23-34. Today I will show you it in 12-23 as it is
much easier to get and to do than the second one. Of course later you should learn it in all
possible slots. Sonic reverse as well as Sonic Normal could
be made Palm Up, Palm Side and Palm Down, this tutorial will show you Palm Side variation. Learning tricks in pen spinning will be much
easier and pleasant with a properly made special tool – modified pen or pen mod, you about
that by now, don’t you. I bet you also know where you can order it,
no matter where you are. From the best place for any pen spinner – penstock.net,
of course. If you don’t know which mod to choose – after
watching this video move to the playlist with mod reviews on my channel, it will make your
choice easier. When we were learning Sonic Normal we could
divide our study into 2 steps – abutting Sonic and just Sonic, while learning Sonic
Reverse – we have only one step as there couldn’t be abutting version. You’d better to know Charge Reverse to learn
Sonic Reverse easier. I don’t have video about this trick till
now and probably wouldn’t make one, as it would be pretty much the same as for Charge
Normal, but with different direction of pen’s movement. Take a pen in slot 12 at the center of gravity
parallel to the floor, than push it a little with your Index finger to make it as athwart
to floor as possible. 1 and 2 are pretty relaxed, a bit folded. This would be the starting position for Sonic
Reverse, take a look. Now straighten all fingers, Middle finger
a little bit less than others, as it should stay pretty down to let your pen go behind
it, Index should move a little faster, it should go up and bump penmod behind Middle. Your Ring Finger should rise as well, you
need to try to connect it with your Index to make this kind of lock with 1 and 3. If you have seen my video about Normal Sonic
it should look familiar? While doing Sonic Normal Ring Finger makes
the main work, now Index finger does it, making initial inertia and pushing the pen. You can see, while doing lock with your 1
and 3, Index finger leans much more than Ring finger. That’s because it directs the penmod as
well, not only pushes it behind. After pen passes your Middle finger, move
Index away and lift Middle Finger fixing the pen in slot 23. Make sure that the same tip of the pen which
was down before the movement is down after the movement, so you could be sure the pen
made 1 full revolution. As time passes and you make Sonics more and
more, your fingers would begin to move differently. The lock wouldn’t be so obvious, Middle
finger would stay more still. After you learnt Sonic Reverse – you can
try to connect it with Normal Sonic, this way you will make a different trick – Sonic
Harmonic. Here you can see me doing this trick, you
can see clearly how Index and Ring finger do their job perfoming the trick in different
direction and how Middle finger stays pretty much still. I hope this video was helpful for you guys,
if it was, if you liked it – let me know about that. Share this video wherever you can. Write down how much time it took you to make
8 Reversed Sonics out of 10. Check out other tutorial video in a special
playlist with tutorial videos, subscribe if you still haven’t. May the style be with, bye.