Pros Are Saying Controller Fortnite = AIMBOT… (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about the outrage against controller players that’s occurring in the
Fortnite community right now. Mouse and keyboard PC players complaining
about controller players is definitely nothing new, but I feel like what we’re seeing right
now is legitimately the worst it’s ever been. So let me first provide some context on why
this is happening now of all times. As I’m sure you guys are aware, over the weekend
Fortnite hosted the winter royale tournament. And due to the fact that fact that anybody
was allowed to play and eliminations were heavily incentivized, this was a really good
format for controller players, since they’re typically much more aggressive than mouse
and keyboard players, and in general they’re also better at quickly finishing lesser skilled
enemies. So it wasn’t a huge surprise that a lot of
the top controller players had a ton of success. Just to name some examples off the top of
my head: Day 1 diggy got 1st on NA East, Day 3 inno got 1st on NA East, Wavyjacob got 1st
on days 1 and 2 of NA West, Crr had a bunch of really good placements on EU, so I think
you get the jist there. And that seemed to make a lot of the top mouse
and keyboard pros kinda angry, and it led to them speaking out against controller players. And usually when this happens, it’s only 1
or maybe 2 pros speaking out, but this time around it way way more than that, and even
some of the biggest names in the community joined in on it. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to kinda
take a look at what these pros are saying about controller players, and without further
ado, let’s get right into this. Alright so first let’s start off by reading
a few of the most popular tweets that emerged during the winter royale this weekend. I’m not 100% sure exactly where the controller
hate started, but I believe these tweets from calc and mackwood who are actually a duo,
and those tweets kinda lit the match within the community. So calc first tweeted “i cannot believe that
we have to compete for millions of dollars against literal aimbot and ITS ALLOWED” then
a few hours later he followed that up with 2 more tweets saying: “literally so done playing
against players who have literal aimbot and less bloom and recoil than KBM players” and
then finally “owners of practice discords should just blacklist all controller players
until they quit the game.” At around the same time mackwood tweeted “Controller
players get to choose if they want to aimbot up close or far away depending on the day
hahaha” and then shortly after that he took it to another level by tweeting in all caps:
HANDS AROUND THE CONTROLLER.” And what I think really made this a bigger
thing than normal, was when both mongraal and benjy replied to those strings of tweets. Mongraal had a little bit of sarcasm in his
initial response tweet, but when you take away the jokes the main thing he’s saying
here is “I’m not being toxic, in my opinion I respect controller gamers, but we should
all agree some changes shall be made.” Then liquid stretch replied to that by saying
“In my opinion I completely respect how hard and how much effort you have to put in to
be mechanically good on a controller, however, there may be a chance that aimbot is not good
for the game.” And then benjy responded to that by saying
“i respect your opinion, and i think that they should possibly maybe lower aim assist.” So that was the main string of tweets right
there but I also want to share 2-3 that occured around the same time. The first by boyer is honestly a pretty reasonable
take, he says “Aim assist would be completely balanced if they had the same recoil and bloom
as KBM. The L2 “snapping” on legacy and the insane
hip fire tracking on linear is a bit broken, but besides that it’s just the fact that there’s
barely any recoil, if any, with aim assist.” And then xQc said “Doesn’t matter what game,
having players that have a literal robot (aim-assist) in the same lobby as players who don’t is
flat out anti competitive. I will never understand “esports” that allow
both simultaneously. Having a robot react for you puts you roughly
170ms+ ahead at all times.” And the final tweet I’ll show is from formula
that simply says “All I want for Christmas is to ban controller players from playing
Fortnite.” So as you guys could probably tell from those
tweets, that’s probably the worst heat that controller players have ever taken, I mean
some of that stuff was just flat out mean. But my response to it is is basically this:
I see so many controller players specifically getting really mad at and replying to these
tweets, but at the end of the day it really isn’t a big deal at all. The people tweeting these things are all ultra-competitive
players that play the game for a living, and therefore have very strong opinions about
it. Do I think it’s unfair to call aim assist
“aimbot” or to say that it’s quote unquote “a robot aiming for you”, yeah I do. And do I think a lot of the hate on aim assist
is a result of confirmation bias, very much so. But at the end of the day whose to say that
my opinion is more valuable or meaningful than everybody else I showcased in this video? But the next thing I wanna I show you guys
in this video I have a bit of a stronger opinion on. Over the weekend a few of the biggest keyboard
and mouse PC pros switched over to controller for some combination of fun and just to test
it out a bit, and one of those players was bugha. So here’s a clip from his stream that got
a ton of attention and people are basically using to showcase this idea that anybody can
just hop on controller and be incredible. So as I mentioned, a ton of people saw that
clip and basically said “oh my god, this guy has been on controller for 1 day and he’s
already this good, it must be so overpowered.” And that right there is actually really misleading. Bugha actually played Fortnite on controller
all the way until around season 4 or 5, and apparently he played other games like COD
on controller well before that. When he was doing this he was actually showing
a handcam on stream, and you even saw that he was playing claw, which is a pretty telltale
sign that he was a very serious controller player. On top of that, the clip you just saw right
there was from a public match zone wars game. I mean is it really some crazy thing that
literally the Fortnite world cup champion can switch inputs and get 2 kills in a round
of zone wars? I get it, that first kill was a little crazy,
he did hit 4-5 SMG in a row, but it was also point blank range against a player just running
forward. And on the 2nd kill, he missed about 10 shots
in a row at first, but then it appears that enemy ran out of mats, so it was just easy
pickings for him from high ground. Plus I’m sure some of you guys noticed that
he messed up a fairly simple 1 square edit to fall down, and then took fall damage 2
times in a row while trying to waterfall. So I’m not trying to like slander bugha here
or anything, because him being able to hop on controller after probably a year+ of barely
playing it is no doubt incredibly impressive. But at the same time, it’s not like there
aren’t plenty of controller players out there that could hop on mouse and keyboard and do
the same exact thing. Unknownarmy constantly places well in cash
cups on mouse and keyboard, inno is nasty on mouse and keyboard, assault is nasty on
mouse and keyboard, etc. etc. I mean I could find plenty of clips of those
guys doing insane things on that input device, but you’re not gonna see me running around
saying “oh look at that, that clip right there proves that mouse and keyboard is so easy.” I think that’s just dumb. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Do you guys believe that playing on a controller
is overpowered in Fortnite? I know since a lot of you guys are controller
players the answers may be a bit biased, but I think the questions kinda dumb anyway. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
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