Pro Golfers Play Indoor Mini Golf

– I’m Rickie Fowler, team USA, and this is the Buzzfeed Office Golf Challenge (energetic horn music) (techno club music) – Flip a putter. I go first Weee, bad bounce Rickie- That could be interesting Charl- (laughing) That’s under the couch – Shit Spin geez – Stop stop, okay. Rickie- oh that took a big bounce now softly, spin, hit it. (lighthearted music) Patrick- hahaha, wow You’re struggeling – The elevator’s open, go for it now – I’m not going to a different floor (everyone laughs) – See ya! – Yeah, trashcan placement. – Come on boy! – I needed assistance on
getting around the corner. (all laughing) – Did it get through the doorway? – Ooo, go this way, I’ll do the assist. – Okay, here you go. – Fuck – Oh that’s such horseshit – What’d we get? – Charl hit you that way because
it was directed perfectly. (everyone laughing) – Go Go! – Don’t go long – I think that’s nine – You need some help, I
know you’ve been struggeling (all laughing) – You never miss these,
I don’t need to help ya – one point – Yep, one- zero (techno club music)