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Oh my god ! Greetings Today, with us we’ve one of India’s finest actors whose name is Vivek Oberoi. Hello sir. Thank you. And today we have with us India and World renowned host, Kanishk. A few days ago we got a call from Amazon Prime Video. They said Ok Tested we challenge you. We want you to have a cricket quiz. And Ok Tested peeps are always up for quizzes. And sir, I don’t know why I’ve been sent. Because in every quiz I’m the one with the worst points. But, it’s important to win ’cause, like how Vikrant Dhawan says it. Winning is an addiction. Sitting on your offside is Mr. Vivek Oberoi. Who is representing Inside Edge. Yes. And on your leg side is Kanishk Priyadarshi from Ok Tested. When you used to play cricket as a child… Yes. Have you ever removed the ball from the sewer? Oh god. Honestly tell me. It happens no. You remove the ball from the gutter. Then you dry the ball and a few drops fall on you. Then you start playing and no one is watching and you… Has that happened to you? No, I’ve always convinced somebody or the other to do it. So, you were never that guy? But you used to get the feel… I’d convince the person with love. “Kanishk, the thing is…” “It’s for the good of the entire group…” “We want to play cricket and this is a job ONLY you can do” “You hand is only small enough or long enough” Whatever excuse worked, used that and sent the friend. And the poor guy would always remove it and get it. So, the first question is… Shahid Afridi hit the fastest ever ODI century using Sachin Tendulkar’s bat. True or False? I thought you’ll ask me how many balls did he hit it in. If I were you, I’d say “true” Is he playing reverse psychology with me? Could be. Like Vikrant Dhawan. Maybe I’m manipulating you. Maybe. You’re a very manipulative guy. Who knows? I’ll say it’s false. False? Yeah Are you sure? Yeah, I am sure. Are you sure sir? You want to change your answer? No. I’m giving you an opportunity. No, If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. It’s okay. I think you should. If I were you, I would have chosen the other one. No, I’m good bro. Are you sure? I am good. I am good. I have manipulated you. It was true. Which cricketer has the most ducks in cricket history? Who must’ve gotten out on a duck? What hint can I give? The only hint I can give is he’s one of the world’s best bowlers. Murlidharan? Yeah! Well done! Name the oldest cricket ground in India. In India? Yes. I’ll give you a hint.
I am not sure. It’s in Kolkata. Then it’s Eden Gardens. Why did I give the hint? I got confused actually between the Chennai ground or Eden Gardens. But good you gave the hint. In league cricket, like IPL for instance. Hmm.. Players cannot be picked for the team after the auction or the transfer window closes. True or False? No, I don’t think so. I think they can be picked. It’s in your season also no? Where that guy, Devandra gets injured. Yes, true. Tell me, Tell me. Give me my 10 Vivek. You got the answer right, but you gave the answer wrong. But you understood what I was saying no? The logic is correct right? I understood it. But you said True instead of False. Don’t you think it might feel a bit weird? Auction right? You’re being sold.. When you get a big fat cheque no one feels awkward. You feel really nice. Bid Higher, Higher, Higher. Have you ever done that… That you take… When you were younger you took it… For Cricket, coaching! These double meaning words confused me. I never took cricket coaching I used to play a little bit of football, and I took coaching for that I played state level badminton and boxing till the national level. Tell me till where the frame is, I’ll sit on the edge. Come and sit on the Inside edge. *Subtle show plug-in* My turn? Yes. Okay. In T-20 league cricket what are the maximum number of overseas players that can be a part of the starting 11… 4. You’ve fixed this question. How much money have you given the crew? By this I remembered that this fixing skill is in your hands only Do you think… Not in my hands, it’s Vikrant Dhawan’s hands. Yeah… In Vikrant Dhawan’s hands. I can’t even fix a broken pencil. When I did season one, I had to learn everything about match fixing. I met bookies. Do you have any bookie’s number left? There is one hotline of bookies. Really? Yes, It’s 100. Next question. Ask me, go ahead. What is the highest ODI individual score and who made it? Rohit Sharma? I don’t know, you tell me. What is the “what” part? What’s the score? Score… I don’t remember. 200…272? Oh painful bro, painful.
Am I close? Am I close?
So close! 279. So far, at the same time. 264 by Rohit Sharma. God damn it! I’ve also hit a double century in gully cricket. Double century? Did you have 2 runs and all? Yes, 100%. We didn’t score runs by running. 1 bounce 1 hand catch out? That was of course there. Another one was. If I hit it here and it hits this wall then it was 2 runs. If it hits that wall then it’s 3 runs. But direct hit on the wall was out. And the wall behind the baller is 4 runs. Sachin Tendulkar played for Pakistan before he started playing for India. True or False? What rubbish! Absolutely False! Are you sure? Absolutely False! Impossible! How can he play for Pakistan ever! Would you like to place a bet on this? Done! 50 Rs? Okay. 100 Rs? That’s nice you should stay in your aukad. Okay. So, we’ve placed a 100rs bet now! Done! Done! And you should pay be sir. Why? Because I’ve won. How is that possible? This incident took place between the rival nations at the Brabourne Stadium in 1987, Tendulkar came on as a substitute fielder for Pakistan. I’ve won my 100 Rs. You Ok Tested guys are crazy. Where did you get this trivia from? I’m a massive fan of Sachin Tendulkar and I didn’t know this. I’ve become traumatised now. There are two questions about Sachin Tendulkar now that I didn’t know. First, he wore a Pakistan jersey and was a fielder for them. After that you’re saying he gave his bat to Shahid Afridi? Shahid Afridi reminds me. Shahid Afridi was playing in the India Pakistan world cup semifinals. Approximately 200 people were sitting in the VIP boxes. And we’re watching the match. And India is winning and playing really well. 6-7 people who were wearing Pakistan’s jersey and they would stand up cheering. Pakistan hit a 6 and they starting cheering Naturally, I got angry at him And he suddenly realised and I also realised. He said “Sir, won’t we cheer for our team?” I said sorry sorry you please go ahead. And later I found out that he was Shahid Afridi’s brother. Oh God! Then we became friends. I said of course no problem. Who was the man of the match in the 1983 World Cup finals? 1983? Eh, Kapil Dev? Mohinder Amarnath. Not Kapil Dev? He got 3 wickets from 7 overs and gave only 12 runs from it. God damn, then it makes sense. Virat Kohli made his international debut against? Test, ODI, T-20 which one are you talking about? ODI. It was either England or Australia I can’t remember. Nope. Both these are wrong. I am not trying to manipulate but both these are wrong. It’s something else. It’s not England or Australia? Nope! Technically, I’ve already given an answer. So, I shouldn’t get points for this. When in an art form you see a person who’s earned his name in it. You do something looking at them. Which… How is this a team’s name? Think carefully. Hanuman sir. Are you talking about Sri Lanka? Yes! How is this Sri Lanka? Shree… Shree! No? Okay bro. Ok Tested, please get him tested. When I was younger a friend of mine used to go for cricket coaching. He came once, opened his bag and an L guard was lying around. Another friend was around. He asked me “What’s this?” I said oxygen mask, wear it. So he wore it. And this is not a cooked up story this is a true story. After putting it you didn’t ask him to take a deep breath. No no. He understood it by then. Let’s do the last question. Who was the first cricket captain of the Indian test team? Rahul Dravid. The test matches that happened took place between 1932-34. Rahul Dravid wasn’t even born then. There was a Rahul Dravid during that time too. Who also played really well. Two Rahul Dravids were there. Actually, I also found out this person’s name when I read it on a stand. His name is CK Naidu. So, clearly the winner is Vivek Oberoi. Because I am pretty sure he’s fixed this too. He’s a boxer, so, I won’t say anything else. One punch and I’ll be out of the frame. But I enjoyed a lot. I am sure you also had fun? Did you? I had fun yeah, always! Ok people so that was a lot of fun. On Ok Tested. Thank you so much Kanishk. And hopefully you guys are watching Inside Edge season 2 on Amazon Prime video. Check it out. The game beyond the game. Yes, and if you like this video. Hit the like button. Share it with your friends and comment down below. And don’t forget to subscribe to Ok Tested.