Nurse Pinning Ceremony for WCU OC

tonight we join a special celebration
for West Coast University in Orange County it is the pinning ceremony for the
students who just completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing pinning ceremonies for new nurses is a
tradition that dates back to the early days of the profession the pinning ceremony is probably the
most important event in the life of a nursing student because this
is their welcome to the profession, they are going to
be launched as professional nurses and as nurses,
faculty, those in the audience, we’re saying welcome and we’re so proud to
call you colleague it is also a historic night for WCU as leaders say that this is the single
largest graduating cohort to date for the Orange County campus Jessica, tell me about how you’re feeling
tonight and the journey up to today I’m excited, umm, been through multiple schools
and stuck through this one and its just proud accomplishment so I’m excited about it what’s different about West Coast than
the other places you’ve attended? umm… just the… family support, I mean all those
teachers are very into their job, they’re good at what they do, it’s fun to have
umm their clinical experience behind what they teach you and it’s just ongoing from the get-go and it’s just
it’s, your in it to the end and it’s just fun, it’s good, it’s a great place, I like it BSN graduate Loren Harris was selected to
speak at the pinning ceremony tonight West Coast is one of the things you have to, you have to be ready for, cause’ it’s not
a joke, it’s not a game over here but uhh, but for those who are willing to put in the time
and the work, oh yeah, it’s definitely worth it think about the scrubs that never fit quite right [laughture] but then I think about the things we did in
those scrubs you know, we made differences, we changed lives,
we turned frowns into smiles, we turned fear into joy uhh, brought brand new babies into the world and so kinda… you’re handing a baby to
his mother, introducing him for the first time, the scrubs don’t matter…
all of a sudden… all of a sudden, the gravity of what we do…
weighs in from here, students will join the thousands of
WCU alumni who are serving in a wide variety of nursing positions from all of us at West Coast University,
congratulations to all of the new nurses