Norwich 2-2 Tottenham – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

What did you think of the result and performance
today? We started the game creating chances and we finished the game creating chances. We started the
game playing well then we had our 28th of December gift, which is not Boxing Day but
it was a gift on the 28th. Then the team until the end of the first half felt it a little
bit. Second half we played even better than in the first half, really offensive and taking
lots of risks and dominating the game. We scored the equaliser and then we had 30 minutes
to win the game and gift number two. Then a normal team with a normal soul would lose
the game, but no the team kept playing and the boys played even better, more intense,
more aggressive, pressing, recovering the ball and lots of quality going forwards. We
scored the second goal and I think we could have even scored a third. Norwich was time
for them to fight for a point and defend hard which they did.” Why did you abandon three at back? “Because I was losing. Because I want one
more attacking player than we had. I knew that winning 1-0 they would just try to defend
and keep Pukki up. I thought Davinson Sanchez because he’s our fastest defender and would
be able to cope with the possible long balls to the space for Pukki. I knew that in that
moment we would have all the creative players on the pitch with Kane and Alli. We are going
to have Lo Celso, Lucas and the two midfielders for me were phenomenal. Ndombele and Eriksen
played very well and gave all this fluid football to the attacking players, so I think going
forward we were very, very good.” What do you put the defensive mistakes down
to as they are all international players? “Yeah, we have to work to try and stop with
the mistakes.” Do you feel Tanguy Ndombele is getting close
to your expectations and demands? “He played very well. We played without a
positional midfield player. No Winks, no Dier and we played without them. Ndombele and Eriksen
played so, so well. Totally in control and I was saying so fluid the football, passing,
movement, turning, never playing back passes, always getting the ball and looking forward
and go between the lines and looking to the wingers. Fantastic quality of football I think.” Do you feel like you know your best back line? “It’s normal, no? Do I have doubts that Harry
Kane is my number nine? Do I have doubts that Dele Alli is my number 10 for example. Performances
create your doubts or performances kill your doubts, that’s just the way it is.”