News About DIY Auto Body and Paint Channel and the Summer Months Ahead

News About DIY Auto Body and Paint Channel and  the Summer Months Ahead

– Hey, this is Donnie Smith and I just wanted to update you about some things going on. I have some really cool
things that’s coming up. I know it’s been two weeks. I haven’t posted a video and I’m gonna tell you why. It’s end of semester, I don’t know if you know this. If you’ve been watching me
a while you probably know, but in addition to doing these videos I’m also a full time
collision repair instructor and end of semester is
always a very busy time. We’ve got projects we’re trying to get in, we’ve got finals that we’re taking, we’ve got all the grading. Anyway it’s just been super, super busy and I haven’t really had
time to create a video. But I do have some really
cool things going on. And I was going to tell
you about a couple of them. First thing I’d like to mention is Pennzoil. They got with me and
invited me to an event. This event is in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s Optimal or Optima, Optima-USCA, sorry about that. Anyway, it’s a car event. I don’t a lot about this event, so I’m pretty excited to attend. You know I’m always excited
to go to car events, so, they invited me to go to that and they’re paying the way so it’s kind of gonna be
like a paid vacation to me. And also what I think what’s
really cool about this is I’m going to fly into
Nashville, Tennessee. I don’t know if Bowling
Green doesn’t have an airport or maybe it’s not big
enough, I don’t know, but I’m kind of glad about that. It’s about an hour away. I looked on the map. But we’ll fly into Nashville and then we’ll drive to Kentucky. But a couple cool things about this is I’ve never been to Nashville, always wanted to go, so I think it’ll be cool
to be able to see that. And also I’ve never been to Kentucky. So that’ll be a great
experience for me I think, and I’ll be sure to put
a video about this event and let you know more about it too. You may be more familiar
with this event than me. I mean I usually just
go to SEMA every year. I don’t go to a lot of the other events but I guess we’ll see what it’s all about and I’ll let you know. So anyway, looking real forward to that and that’s going to be next month, the first of next month is when I go, I think it’s June 2nd and 3rd, or something like that, so if you’re gonna be there,
be sure and holler at me. And next thing I want to talk about is I’ve got lots of footage. It’s not that I don’t
have lack of the videos. I’ve got a lot of videos heading your way. In fact, I’ve got lots of video footage and just have not had time to edit it yet. If you’ve ever done any editing, that is where all the time is at. I mean, it takes a long
time to edit these videos. But I’ve got on the Titan project, I’ve already installed the light bar, but I haven’t had time to edit it. I also got a bumper, a rear bumper, I don’t know if you remember
I put the front bumper, the iron cross bumper on my Nissan Titan. And I’ve also got a rear bumper. I have not got it put on yet, but when I do I’m going to
show you how to install that and make a video of that. We’ve bedlined the inside of a Jeep. Need to get all that edited. We also painted the Jeep. So got a lot of stuff heading your way. It’s going to be a great summer. I am now off. Graduation was Saturday. So I have a lot of time to devote to these videos during the summer. I also plan to start answering a lot of your questions again. I know I’ve kind of slacked
off on that due to time, but I plan on getting back,
answering those questions, doing some Q and A videos,
and really plan to spend a lot of time with these
videos over the summer. So anyway, I just wanted to update you. To let you know I
haven’t forgot about you. Just been really super busy, but now it’s time to get focus
back on the videos again. Anyway, I hope you like this video. Really do appreciate you
for watching these videos. If you do like it, give me a thumbs up. And we’ll talk to you in the next video.