New wave of MLB Players CHANGING the WORLD – Players For The Planet

Nelson Mandela once said, “Sport has the
power to change the world it has the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to the youth in a
language that they understand. In the Dominican Republic that sport is baseball. Baseball in the Dominican Republic Baseball is our passion. It’s our, religion. It’s bigger than everything. Baseball is huge. It is everything. It’s like a bible here. Players For The Planet is a group of athletes passionate about cleaning up our planet. We’re down here to clean up the beach connect with the community and inspire lasting change in the way that we use plastic. This is where it all starts. This beach clean up represents something bigger than baseball. We’re here in the Dominican cleaning the beaches and hopefully what we’re doing today it can help small kids, the whole community learn and realize how important it is to take care of garbage. We are currently on track to produce over 350 millions tons of plastic this year alone. As you’ve seen this morning that there’s a ton of plastic products that have washed up in a pretty huge amount. Our oceans are being affected by plastic waste so bad that by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. What we’re doing, throwing all the plastic in the ocean that’s definitely not good. and we just need to change. Then to see all these MLB players here showing up. Nelson Cruz, Amed Rosario. It’s really fun to see them helping and contribute. We are role models you know What we do, impacts them. I know how kids are thinking right now. What their dreams look like and what they wanna be. Hopefully what were doing today it can help to have a better island. A better world. Some of baseball’s biggest stars have come from the Dominican Republic. By using the power of baseball we are able to reach the community on a whole new level. As a society we need to deviate from our current path and eliminate the need to produce new plastic while repurposing existing plastic. We now have the ability, to turn the plastic that lines our streets and oceans into financial incentive for those in need. We just need to keep pushing. We need to keep the enthusiasm and the energy for this awareness and for change. Real meaningful change in our lives that can help the planet. Do something bigger than the game and I think doing this here today was one of those examples of that. It’s up to us to change the world and if we don’t contribute then it’s gonna be worse. Players For The Planet is a growing team. A new wave of athletes chasing dream of a better planet. Alone we can make a difference. But Together we can change the world. This is the new wave. We are many players. One team. We are Players For The Planet.