Yo, what is going on guys it’s Sean I’m back again with another video for you guys And today man *clears throat* We are gonna be playing some 2k My Team you already know Let’s hop right into it We’re gonna go against motel cool Okay, okay he has a pretty good team Boban, Tracy McGrady, and Shawn Bradley. Don’t let the 81 fool you – it’s Boban He’s like seven.. eight million, like that’s how tall he is ridiculously ridiculously tall so Let’s see what we can do See – dude Oh Aron Baynes, lets go Oh jump jump Don’t jump man Good take good take Scary Terry Yuh…OWW!! LETS GO!!! BIG. BIG. BIG. BUCKETS! Let’s go Harris – for Three? GREEN BEAN!!! LETS GO! You cant even see the thing because its zoomed in but.. GREEN BEAN! LETS GO! *eats a green bean* Let me fix that real quick cuz like You can’t even see it half of the screen there and I have it all the way zoomed in It’s like dude, my bad *continues to chew on the green bean fibers* Wait, wait, that’s like too.. Twelve seconds later Blow by, we going up! And the lay is going good, lets go Dont quit! That was about to be 3 quits in a row because the past 2 videos have been- I’ve been good at making people quit Come on come on Step up! Yo, yo Gotta stay on that See do that every time if he does that every single time- Thats easy man Easy money Yeah Baynes oh yeah- oh my, dude! what is this passing bro were not, were not about to choke *greens it* MMMMMMMMMMM Scary Terry, LETS GO! Look at this, dude Nope…go up Yessir, takeover? He had a takover after one shot? DANG! Oh, he has 6 points im tripping What am I doing man!? He had me jumping everywhere all over the place lookin like- like a crazy man dude Baynes? Nope Not quite They gave him a foul? that’s that’s tuff that’s that’s crazy man. That’s that’s tuff, dude that’s- oh yeah claps, clamps on that that. Oh yeah, they’re-every single..Wooww dude 2k wants him to win dude mmmm, almost had it up Oh yeah Baynes. mismatch He’s not even guarding him OH! What am I doing? What am I doing, dude? What am I doing? I need to I need to I need to chill so does he, so does he no comment I have nothing to say on that Are you still here? Hello? There he is, there he is, there he is YO! THEY- They haven’t given me a single foul That’s four fouls, he has four- he has four on me I- YO! What is he doing!? 2k?- Yo, they’re cheesing man They’re playing they’re playing with me man Baynes wide open for three? No 🙁 No, no He has like an A an A- three-pointer he had an 80 3 pointer He’s up by two! We we’re up to 13-6 earlier How is this- we’ve gotta be smart, we’ve gotta be smart come on man, come on man, come on- 2k literally bailed him out on all of those fouls No fair man Come on, come on, let’s go. Fastbreak, fastbreak, fastbreak Fastbreak Mismatch Give him that. Give him that. Go up. Go up. No, no no Alright Slow down, slow down Take a breath. *deep breath in* *deep breath out* Ok, we’re good Okay *intense music starts* *farting noise* Come on man, come on, let’s finish. Let’s finish strong man. Let’s finish strong. We did so good starting off. Tobias wide open… AHHHH!! Dude! Can’t get anything to fall down NO WAY…… *toilet flushing noise* he almost ended me right there post up, lets go Let’s go! Tied up! *NEXT POINT WINS…* Step up. Step up. Step up. Step up. Step Up Step Up. NO.. no way, no way, no way. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Come on Terry. Good board! OHHH!! COME ON BAYNES!!! Ohhhh. – 2k cheated I- I- bro. 2k cheated for him man Aye. Dude, he had like 4 fouls in a row that we’re not fouls You can go back and rewind it and look at the gameplay of this video And tell me that those were not- tell me that those are fouls man, cuz I’m not convinced man but yeah man, ummmm- Man 19 points U guess our player of the game was Aron Baynes- 10 points 6 rebounds Five for ten. I mean dude, I don’t know how I feel about that game I- I think to cast it out for me dude. I made people quit twice in a row They were skeptical about me winning so… you know, there’s always something bigger to what you think it is You know, it’s always something, you know, you know Bro. Bro. 2k cheated for him but you know no excuses, no excuses right. but yeah man Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you’re new the channel, please SUBSCRIBE! If you’re new LEAVE A LIKE on this video If you enjoyed it. And shoutout again to treondatrack for letting me use these instrumentals in this video! Shoutout to him go follow him, right now. Aye man Hope this doesn’t happen again. WE OUT! *OOF!*