Navy Pinning Ceremony | Petty Officer Receiving Rank

That’s my cute boy attention on deck from commanding officer USS way city
authority to assume the title and to wear the uniform of petty officer third
second and first class for reference a you are hereby authorized to assume the
title and wear the uniform of a petty officer third second first class
effective immediately under reference a you will not be
entitled to pay or monetary allowances of a petty officer third second first
class until actually advance of a grade for which you have been selected
congratulations signed JB Douglas commanding officer USS
Hue City FCA2 Surface Warfare Catherine GSC2 Michael FCA to Surface Warfare Christian Russell’s EM2 surface warfare
Khe Sanh ET2 surface warfare Joshua QM2 Surface warfare Harlan
HTFN surface warfare Dale rock you good? just living my best life, it’s fine He’s gonna like shake his hand face, fallout alright can we get a big round of applause for our newly admitted petty officers