Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Ice hockey | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Ice hockey | Wow Kidz

Haha!! Look, they are playing hockey on dust field. My friend hockey is played only in a dust field. Real hockey is played in an ice rink, we are the champions. We have won a big trophy and we are taking this trophy back home. What’s the big deal in playing ice hockey, anyone can play ice hockey. Than let’s have a match Furfuri nagar team vs world champion Tigers team. Ok, we will play tomorrow morning. What say friends? Yes, let’s play. But where is the ice rink? Don’t worry you will get everything ready by tomorrow morning. Ok see you tomorrow. Big brother ice rink is ready, now let’s practice. Take this ice hockey. Take this ice puck, let’s practice. Daddy!! Mummy!! If you play like this, you will surely learn how to play in ten-twenty years, haha!! Dr. Jhatka, you have made the ice but how will we practice, we are not even able to stand properly. Oh my lord! Motu Patlu, you don’t worry, I will help you and also teach you how to play ice hockey. I have twenty years experience of playing this sport, see this. There is nothing to laugh about, if we can’t ski properly, then Furfuri nager’s name will get spoiled. Let’s practice seriously friends. How come they prepared an ice rink in a day? How did all this happen? Captain isn’t this the same place? Till yesterday there was only dust here, today this is an ice rink!! Place is the same, people are also the same but how come this miracle has happened? Leave it and concentrate on the match. Yeah!! Motu Paltu win!! All the best!! Oh my god!! Yeah!! Goal!! Hey, what are you doing? Patlu, what are you doing? Stop the goals. I will stop this hockey puck only if I am able to see the puck. When it came and when it went inside the goalpost, why don’t you people stop it. How do I score? They should let us do it. Think of this puck as your samosa, think that they are trying to snatch the samosa away from you. No body can snatch my samosa, not even these people, now see. Goal!! Yes, Motu, well done!! Great!! Keep counting. Hurray!!! Now dance, haha!! How dare they make fun of us? Boxer brother this a good way to score a goal, this time again do the same thing. Goal!! Yes, Motu, well done!! No Motu, you are hurt a lot, not anymore. Score one more goal, both the teams will be equal, only thirty seconds are remaining. Friends we have to hold on for only thirty seconds. What ever happens do not allow them to score a goal. Boxer brother I never used to like getting beaten up by you, but today I really like it. It’s a matter of Furfuri nagar’s Pride, hit me with all your strength, show them you are the biggest Boxer. Hey Motu, my friend, I also always used to like beating you up but today I am feeling very sad. Scores level. Motu!! Let’s play penalty shootout and decide the winner. Oh my god!! where is the ice puck? It is lost somewhere, we will have to bring another one. We don’t have another one, we will not leave from here without winning this game. Bring your hockey ball, we will play with that ball. We didn’t bring it. Why fear when Chingam is here. What type of miracle is this? If you stay in Furfuri nagar you can see lots of miracles one by one. Come on, I found the ball for the penalty shootout. Patlu you do not stop the next goal, Boxer will do it. No, the goal keeper won’t change, if you change the goal keeper you will be declared defeated. Ok, I will only stop, Motu you do not worry, we have to make Furfuri nagar win. Fu rfuri nagar is the winner!! Hurray!! I have never seen people like you, you have taken a lot of pain to save your town’s Pride. You are the real contenders for the trophy we have won.