Meet Zelina Vega’s family: WWE Hometown Superstar presented by Cricket Wireless

[MUSIC] Right now we’re in Time Square which
is amazing to finally be back, it’s been so long but I get to go to Queens Village she goes
to my family thanks to Cricket Wireless. And I’m so excited it feels like home and
I feel like there’s nothing better to help me get into a good
mindset walking in the MSG tonight. [MUSIC] Welcome to Queens everybody. Hi mom, hi Cheeky. Hi Michael-Michael.>>Hi.>>Hi.>>Hey how are you?>>So this is my mother, who I call mommy. And that’s my grandmother who I call mom. I call her mom because I thought that was
her name because everybody called her that, but this is mommy. So there’s a difference but this is my
mom who most people think is my sister.>>Her mother told me when
I started babysitting her, don’t you let her call you mom. And I was like why would she call me mom? I’m not her mom.>>I grew up where the man in the family
were always watching the wrestling. And mostly it was the Lucha Libre. When Thea wanted to dress up like
her favorite wrestler for Halloween.>>Lita.>>I thought that’s
about the extent of it. I wouldn’t have never dream that she’s
at the point of where she is right now. Zelina is really people in our family.>>Yeah.>>She’ll take something from my mother,
she’ll take something from me, she’ll take something for other people in the family
>>Him to specifically.>>And yes, so that’s the Zelina. [MUSIC]>>So that’s my grandfather. I called him Papa. It’s my Aunt Jasmine and Melanie. That’s my mom, my Uncle Joey and
Uncle Michael. These four were like wrestling fans. And they were like, make the signs and
they would go to the shows and so. But we were watching it
with my grandfather and we’re watching literally right here. This was my Quinceañera, so for
most girls you hear like a sweet 16 and Hispanic families is Quinceañera,
which is like a sweet 15. I was wearing a wedding dress. That’s how big these things are.>>It was great.>>I love you so much.>>We love you so much.
>>Love you too. Love you guys. Bye. I feel like my soul is complete again
honestly, because this is where I grew up, so it’s literally just all these really
good emotions, it’s almost like a reset. Such a well thing and I’m so happy
that I got to spend time with them and it’s really nice to be back here. And now we’re gonna go to Braddock Park
which is really important because that’s the park that my brother and
I used to go with my dad to all the time. So let’s go do that. [MUSIC] So this is where my dad would be playing
basketball while we would be playing on the monkey bars and swings and this
is yeah, this is, wow, this is so weird.>>I remember over there that’s
where we would ride our bikes.>>Yeah, yeah.>>I fell off I don’t know how many times.>>RIght.>>Over there where
the monkey bars were before.>>My dad was a huge wrestling fan,
along with us. We’d go to MSG with him all the time. My dad passed away on 9/11 in
the World Trade Center attacks and we’re being back here because
whether it is going to MSG and performing their night for
the first time or whether it’s being here at the hoop
that we would play on as a kid. I made it a point to keep my dad’s
memory alive by accomplishing our dream, getting in a good mindset
before the show tonight. This is the perfect thing to do because
there’s nothing better than remembering the whole reason I started
this journey to begin with. [MUSIC] Well, now I am off to my
signing at Cricket Wireless. So thank you, Tim for-
>>I appreciate you as always>>Coming with me and doing this with me. It feels so nice. And you’re coming to the show tonight?>>Yes, I’ll be at the show tonight.>>All right, well, I am gonna go do
this thing and I’ll see you later. [MUSIC]>>Zelina, Zelina, Zelina, Zelina. [NOISE] [MUSIC] I could stare at you all day. Hi mama. [MUSIC] Hi, how are you? I love that we are matching,
you got the hoops and everything. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Wow, that was a long time ago,
that’s awesome. Look that out. [LAUGH] Thank you so much Cricket Wireless
for this amazing opportunity. We got to go into Queens and
to my grandma’s house and meet my family. You guys hear from them. We went to a very special place in
Braddock Park for me and my brother. And I got to meet all my amazing
fans today at Cricket Wireless. It’s pretty crazy because it was such
a hometown love that I got and it was, absolutely amazing and
nothing else could describe it. So thank you Cricket Wireless and thank you to the amazing
fans that showed up today. Now it’s time for
Madison Square Garden, MSG. Let’s do it. [MUSIC]