King of Bowling [PS1] Recenzja/Review – Qdi (Eng sub) Y2G71

Do you like bowling? … Me too! So, maybe we play some bowling on the PlayStation? Me too! Do you like bowling? on the PlayStation?So, maybe Do you like bowling? Me too! Do you like bowling? … Me too! So, maybe we play some bowling on the PlayStation? Hi, how to communicate in the beginning, today at a workshop take sports game where we play as bowlinger… Wait, is even such a term? Hmm, there is not… where we play as bowling player… King of Bowling, because it is called this noble game was released only in Japan by a company already known Coconuts Japan 29 August 1995. Game was created by Aisystem Tokyo studio, that created the games on any console at that time. Well, but we will take care of this game that has arrived on the Sony console. A little time has passed and figured out what the inscription shows and how to control and everything. How is mastered, I found that the game is … trivial, even too much … If we play with a friend, because as regards computer is another question. But about that in a minute. We have 3 main game modes, the game with ourselves, playing with one, two … or three friends. The last mode is the championship mode where you select the ticket and compete with increasingly harder opponents … are you sure? I do not know, because in the first match I got crushed 356 to 150 … The opponent only once, he did not strike. Seriously game? Such crushing in the first match? Okay, maybe I came just in such a hardcore player For god’s sake Therefore, I recommend playing with yourself or with friends, because they like and we, make mistakes. Okay, how a gameplay looks here? I think simply can not be, we choose at the beginning of one of eight play… ers …. It is you?! Impossible… Probably I am wrong Although this red tank top with white edges look like a basketball Chicago Bull shirt from the old days. Something like this, but in different colors … Unfortunately my cousin… he took red one from me… It was nothing I could do, because he was older Then start the game on a random bowling club and start bowlinging… mmm I didn;t even check a dictionary in this case this time… We start bowling. At the beginning we choose a place where we push our ball. By pressing a button we can turn up the ball, then we activate our player … which nohow shows the character of our choice … It shows an arc showing the strength and direction of thrust. One button will activate the attack, the second shot and how the bullet goes into the red field are releasing it in the direction in which it stopped. It’s that simple right? It is a pity that, and so sometimes the ball flies randomly with a random speed. This is one of the mistakes I have come across, we can throw a ball in a similar manner, and even then sometimes it can fuck-up and finish in the canal. No senselessness of. In general the game has a problem with simulation … simulation… Animation rather nailing of bowling Because I counted them out 5. Sometimes it happens that bowling fall in the same identical way … If anything animation clumping activates them, because sometimes the ball can fly through bowling. A bowling where there were, stand there … just replay shows what really happened … This is probably the first, so bugging game I have ever played on playstation … Computer opponents overstatement, pseudo-physics game limping at every step, is completely at are avatars of players to their characters on the track … Other animations in real time and on reruns … Well, tragedy. I’ll tell you that I somehow did not deter graphics, but also does not arouse admiration, but generally is very nice to play in this game But I would not recommend it to you, anyway, this game went through second part, so maybe there will be better. The game is indeed very difficult to get, so don’t buy this one. The game get evaluation: Poor… as someone don’t guessed yet… Bye!