Kansas State Wildcats: Press Conference – Chris Klieman After Bowling Green (Sept. 7, 2019)

well what a great performance by the
guys I challenge the guys this week you know to improve upon what we did in week
one and then in particular this morning to to get the fight started quickly and
and jump on them from the start and I was so pleased we were able to get a
nice kick return take it down and get a field goal and then the defense came up
really big with a stop go down and get another touchdown and I just thought the
emotion and the energy the guys played with today was what we were looking for
and I told the guys locker room that’s a credit to our upperclassmen a credit to
our captains and leadership that they had the guys ready to play and so that
was a fun environment out there for the guys it was great to see an awful lot of
guys play our plan all along was to play a bunch of freshmen today didn’t matter
what the score was just to see how they would react under live fire and we’ll
look at the film but I was glad to see some guys play and then we’ll see you
know how much they play moving forward but I was just glad to get him out there
so excited for t he guys good to have this to a no home stand and we know that
there’s a lot of tough games in front of us starting next week in Mississippi
State so we’ve got to be able to enjoy this and then put it behind us and go to
work on Monday so open up for questions On overcoming penalties and adversity… yeah you know in the holding call was
you’re gonna get those once no I mean we we have a nice run and and get a holding
call and and that’s that’s aggressive football I I can live with that and then
Skyler was trying to change the play we get a delay a game nobody panics and
that was a big key is nobody was panicking and and they would what this
is we’re behind the sticks we got to get ahead of the sticks now and so did a
nice job there and then I was we had talked on third down that if we didn’t
get it we were gonna go for it on fourth down and that was kind of us I think
showing some confidence in Skyler – what’s your best call what do you like
the most and we were gonna throw a quick game and he saw a pressed corner and
said we’re gonna take a shot with Malik and really really excited for Malik to
play as well as he did with some unbelievable catches and and obviously
with Skyler just putting the game in his hands and saying hey we trust you go win
it and he played really well himself On improving on this week… we’ll look at the film but obviously
we’re gonna continue to improve I it’s you know hard to reflect on that 60
minutes of football that quickly but obviously all all facets we’ve got to
improve upon and that’s that’s the challenge you know you win two games
pretty handily you better not fall in love with yourself you better keep
striving to be better and in all phases offense defense and special teams we we
have to just go back to work and continue to stack each day we talk about
all the time stacked great day upon a great day Monday through Friday to give
yourself a chance to be successful on Saturday In the two games played, were the running backs better than you expected them to be?… We’ve got a great offensive line so
let’s give the credit to those guys but no real pleased with our back side I
thought James Gilbert may have made a big time run today
you know bouncing outside and getting you know banged up and then and then
hitting the edge and making a big play Jordan Brown had a big run here he’s
running really hard we we want to try the younger guys we didn’t play Tyler as
much just to see what the younger guys did could do nothing to do with Tyler I
just want to see those younger guys so I feel comfortable we’re gonna need all of them moving forward On Wyatt Hubert and Walter Neil injuries… yeah I don’t have any information on Wyatt they said Walt could have come back into the game we
just elected not to have him come back Have the wide receivers made improvements?… well I thought we made great
improvements that wide receiver blocking you know that was the area that we
needed to focus on that we didn’t do as good a job in week one that I thought we
did a great job of week two of going in and digging out some safeties and
allowing us to get some runs and and then you know I thought we were real
efficient in the passing game and that’s what we were hoping to be you know once
we got up that much we weren’t gonna keep throwing it but you know Skyler to
go I think it was it was the 11 of 13 Skyler was you know that tells me a
pretty 10 of 13 pretty efficient day Through two games, what things, if any, come to mind that you didn’t accomplish that you hoped you would have?… just continuing to work on scenarios
whether it’s red zone you know we’ve been productive in the red zone I
haven’t had a lot of opportunities in on defense so we’ve emphasized that a
little bit more and we’ll have to continue this week to emphasize some redzone defense be nice if we didn’t have to defend the red zone but I think
that’s reality is gonna strike here but just overall we just have to continue to
improve whether it’s you know we were really good on third down again but
we’ve got to continue to work I’m third down defense we got to
continue to work you know some play action some things on first down I think
overall our body of work has been good but you know this is just two games and
we took care of business but now we really got to play well You dominated the time of possession today, almost forty-three minutes. How nice is that to see your team keep possession that long?… that would be the recipe for success and if you want to look back at the the path that we we had taken a few the last few years that’s what we were able to do is is not put
yourself in a situation where you’re playing 80 plays on defense and as you
could tell Bowling Green wanted to go fast even though it was a different
formations than a lot of the spread teams they were more 12 personnel they
wanted to go fast well if you’re going fast and you’re going three and out and
you’re kicking it back to us and even if we don’t score but we’re taking it seven
minutes you know as a defensive guy you’re saying come on let’s get
something rolling because we’ve got to go right back on the field and so you
there’s some for instance the first drive is a great example yeah we wanted
to punch that thing in and get seven but you know we took a good chunk of time
and got three and we’re productive How impressed were you with Malik Knowles in the win?… I’ve seen that all through fall camp it’s
been kind of cool because he makes the tough catches and sometimes he’ll he’ll
drop the one that everybody expects him to make and then he’ll come back three
plays live in practice you’re like holy cow what a great catch and I just think
he’s playing with a ton of confidence and it helps when when Skyler is
confident in him and and continues to go back to him More on time of possession…what does it say for the confidence of your defense?…What are some things your defense hasn’t seen yet because of how dominant you’ve been?… just situations that we haven’t seen yet
like the red zone defense we have to continue now if we’re gonna play that
and have 42 minutes none of us would complain guys will take that every week
to have 42 minutes of possession and be out there for 17 but just we haven’t
stacked a ton of plays on defense to get a great evaluation of the guys that
maybe don’t have as much big 12 experience you know trade – Shaun Reggie
and those guys that have played a ton of big 12 snaps AJ yeah you know where
they’re gonna be whether they play 28 snaps or 80 snaps it’s the younger guys
that we’re trying to continue to grow defensively that haven’t played a ton of
snaps which tells us we’ve got to continue to put those guys in practice
situations against our offense whether it’s a third down period whether it’s a
red zone period to try to make practice as difficult as you can to simulate the
game reps What has Jacardia Wright shown you to earn those reps against Bowling Green?… just a bigger back I think they’re both
exceptionally talented guys we just we wanted to check out Jacardia because he
has that size Joe a pretty electric guy as well they’re both are gonna have
really bright futures here but we have the upperclassman backs that were really
pleased with and so we just I thought I was glad to get both of them some
carries you know Joe was able to get a jacquard he was able to get 14 that’s
great experience for those guys and you know whether or not will utilize the
four-game rule or if we’ll continue to play those guys that’ll still be yet to
be determined On Phillip Brooks special team issues… yeah he struggled a little bit today but I’ve got a lot of confidence in Phillip here the big kick return to start the SIRT the game which
was a huge play and Phillips a great young man confident kid and we’ll get
him back on track but Phillip will we’ll continue to return pumps for us he’s a
he’s an exceptional player we’ll get him back on track On getting pressure on the quarterback/tackle for losses/just dominating line of scrimmage… yeah it w as really good we pressured a little bit more and we kind of encouraged the d-line to kind of cut it loose a little bit which was which was good to see they laid their ears
back and and rush the passer and I thought coach Hayes once again called an
exceptional game plan to give the guys in position to make plays as well On James Gilbert as a player and teammate… well because we didn’t know a lot about James other than the the character of the
young man I just love being around him because he’s he works his tail off and
you’d think he’s been in the program for four years not six months
he’s got fast friendships with all these guys
he’s become a wildcat pretty quickly I’m just so impressed with his maturity his
toughness and the fact he’s the one heck of a teammate he’s on the field just as
fast when somebody scores you know whether it was Harry making a play or or
Jordan he’s out there cuz he’s excited for the guys and that and that’s
unselfish play that we have to have and it’s fun to see thanks guys