Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Brighton | Exclusive behind-the-scenes tunnel access

Hello. Thank you. You were waiting for me, huh? You know you’re starting, right? Jürgen, the injury to Fabinho
is obviously a blow for you, but you have options, you have Keita,
you have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana, Ox starts today… Gini Wijnaldum, James Milner… Jordan Henderson. So a couple –
good, that’s how it should be. Nobody wanted a situation like that
but that’s how football is, we have to accept that, we know before
that things like this happen, so you just have to try to
come through without it. But it’s pretty rare that it happens,
now it happened to Fabinho it’s not… It’s a serious injury, that’s why he’s out, but it’s not the most serious injury
in the world, it’s just that it keeps him out
in the most busy period of the year and that means a lot of games, but that’s it. Thank you very much. It’s one change, basically, in the
Premier League at least, Mo Salah is back in. Hello, sir. Billy. Nice to meet you. Billy. Sorry! Boys, come on. Let’s go, fellas, thank you. Come on, boys. ♫ Walk on, walk on ♫ With hope in your heart ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk alone… ♫ Please now join us in a minute’s applause
as we honour the late Johnny Wheeler. ♫ Watch him defend and we watch him score ♫ He’ll pass the ball, calm as you like ♫ He’s Virgil van Dijk,
he’s Virgil van Dijk… ♫ ♫ Liverpool, top of the league ♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league ♫ Liverpool, top of the league ♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league. ♫ FANS: Ohh! FANS ROAR Well in, Sadio! You were buzzing though. He was buzzing. He’s a Brighton fan.
He’s a Brighton fan. He was buzzing. You and Trent are the very best
at doing that at the moment. Yeah, I try to be important, with my height
and my ability to be dangerous in the box I think I could be even more effective,
but it’s not easy, it’s not easy to always be marked by
the opponents’ best defensive header. Today I was able to sneak away twice. Top man, well done. So much resolve and this team back
themselves, don’t they, to come through these moments? Come on, when you’re with us in the moment
you cannot be more proud of these boys, it’s unbelievable, just incredible what they do. If you want us to be the football team in
the world then sorry, we cannot deliver that, we are not, but we have a big target
and these boys fight for their lives. – Well done today.
– Thank you.