Indoor Basketball Systems

Whether it’s wall mounted, ceiling suspended
or portable backstops, we have the solution for your indoor basketball needs. Wall mounted backstops are available in three
styles: stationary, fold-up, and side-fold. All units are furnished with clear coated
wooden pads which help isolate ongoing vibration. The stationary systems come in three and four
point versions The lower support on the adjustable three-point
model 2350 is constructed of 2-3/4 inch tubing telescoped inside 3 inch tubing. This goal to post mounting design transfers
the load of heavy play directly through the backboard to the wall structure. The model 2300 four-point mount is designed
for strength and simple installation. The backstop is constructed with heavy gauge
tubing, malleable castings, heavy gauge stampings and weldments. These units are available in adjustable extension
lengths up to 12 feet from your wall and feature 1-7/8 inch tubing telescoped inside 2-1/8
inch tubing. This versatile design allows the backboard
to be set a specific offset from your wall in order to match existing game lines or facility
requirements. Both models feature direct goal attachments
for greater strength and longer life. When it’s necessary to move a wall mounted
backstop out of the way for overhead clearance or aesthetics, we offer two options. Using a winch system, the model 2400 can be
folded upwards. It can be operated either manually or with
an optional electric hoist. The second option is this side folding model,
the 2500. It locks into place when in use, and can easily
be folded against the wall when not needed. Both the 2400 and 2500 models have additional
safety support with these heavy duty chains. Our complete range of ceiling suspended backstops
provide designers with maximum flexibility when laying out multi-purpose facilities. This flexibility continues into the different
types of systems available. Backstops are offered in both single and dual
post versions, and with either option we have several design choices. Our single post 3100 series is our most popular
system. It is available in stationary, side folding
and both front and rear folding versions. With a six and five eights inch outside diameter
mast the 3100 series is exceptionally rigid when faced with heavy play. Horizontal braces are precision die cut to
allow full contact welds. Bracing is custom designed for maximum rigidity
for your particular ceiling height. Forged eye-bolt mast hangers allow for smooth
operation and six inches of adjustment. This adjustment ensures precise levelling
and alignment of the unit. These engineered systems feature welded construction
when ceiling heights do not exceed 28 feet. Clamped units are used in higher ceiling applications. The goal itself is mounted directly the main
mast so that the forces are transferred though the backboard to the support structure itself. This heavy goal mounting bracket is adjustable
to enable the exact plumbing of the backboard. All backstops conform to the latest regulations
for all levels of competition. The 3200 series is identical in features and
functions to the 3100 with the exception that it’s main mast has a 30 degree bend. This addresses situations in which the facility
designer may be faced with ceiling obstructions such as lighting, AV equipment or duct work. The more traditional dual post backstops are
available in fixed, front folding and rear folding versions. These dual post backstops allow better visibility
for spectators who may sit behind the backstop in a bleacher or mezzanine seating area. There are two series, the 2200 version and
the 2600 version. Both feature two and three eight inch diameter
horizontal cross pipes. The 2600 series features three and a half
inch vertical tubing and is specified when ceiling heights range from 26 to 30 feet. The 2200 series units feature two and three
eights inch vertical tubing. These systems are used in applications where
ceiling heights range from 18 to 26 feet. The dual post systems have similar adjustability
to the 3100 series to ensure proper alignment and plumbing of the backstop. Like its single post counterpart, the dual
post backstops feature precision die-cut horizontal braces which enables full contact welds. Direct goal attachment is available optionally
on the dual post versions with this adaptor. All backstops are available with steel or
glass backboards and a variety of stationary and break-a-way goals. Whether wall mounted or ceiling suspended,
Sport Systems offers a complete range of accessories including goal height adjusters, Aut-O-Loc
safety devices, backboard padding and electric and manual winches. From recreational to professional, and all
levels in between, Sports Systems offers a wide variety of portable backstop systems
to meet North American and international regulations. When only the best will do, we offer premium
systems that have advanced features such as: • electrically or spring operated raising
and lowering mechanisms, • premium quality glass backboards with
lifetime warranties • directed mounted goals
• heavy duty non-marring casters • safety padding with over 300 colour options For less demanding applications, we offer
a range of intermediate systems that maintain high levels of durability by using less costly
features such as spring assisted, manually operated raising and lowering systems, reduced
sized cantilever offsets and smaller backboards. At the recreational level we offer affordable
models that are lighter, more compact and yet heavier and much more robust than those
found in the retail marketplace. These systems feature breakaway goals, metal
framed glass or acrylic backstops, and safety padding. Recreational grade portables typically require
user supplied ballast. Over time this type of equipment requires
a thorough inspection to ensure its continued safe and reliable operation. Our team is “Orange Zone” factory trained
and certified in the process of evaluating equipment conditions to identify any issues
that may be of concern. We would be happy to discuss your specific
needs and invite you to call or email today.