Holy fuck Oh god, they’re so bad. Jesus Dude, the Grasp is actually working out so well for them too ’cause it’s literally just a 1v2 lane ’cause Alicopter’s so fucking bad. I- I’m- I dunno how else to phra- like, he hasn’t landed a single taunt yet. Alright, he’s not bad. He’s off his main champion. So… at least he’s having fun. Yeah, Shiphtur was right, dude. I got to start being more encouraging. Imagine if you’re like, “Damn, that was fucking good,” and I keep doing it, and it’s like, I get better and better at it yea, dude But you tell me, “Fuck man. You just did what you’re supposed to do,” it’s like, “Fuuuuck.” Maybe— maybe— alright You’re right, maybe the next time— Next time you play Rakan— OH MY GOD YOU HIT YOUR W YOU HIT YOUR ABILITY WHAT THE FUC— Alicopter, way to go, man. Whew, that was unlucky, dude. That was a fucking unlucky one. holy Jesus Nothing— Nothing better than a little Alicopter right there. Sprinkle a little bit of that on me. You know I gotta give him the honor for that performance. “i will dodgge” Well, Draven’s not actually that good with, uhh Whatever the fuck her name is? so whatever Yeah, I believe, dude. This next game’s gonna be a cakewalk. I’m gonna stretch a little bit. This shit is gonna be a piece of cake. Absolutely no damn way we fail. “bad players” “look at bot lane” That’s what I’m saying, dude. Taric: “You shall be crushed.” OH You fucking KSed me? Really? That guy really flashed to fucking— Smack him once while I was midair. I respect that. Oh. So damn close, dude. fuuck Wow, if we had hit that, that was fucking done right there. They’re 100% camping us here. J4’s just gonna fuckin’ sit bottom all game now. Almost fucking positive. Yep, there he is. ah… And so it begins. Fuck, man, I didn’t get that. Damn, if I had gotten that, that would have been so fuckin’ good. Red buff would be fuckin’ huge on me. Holy fuck, dude. damn He flashed… I thought that she didn’t have ult there, but I think it was the J4. That J4 fucked me up though. That felt pretty bad. That guy hurts so goddamn much. They used everything so they should be dead Oh, he died for that. This is— This is what bot lane is, dude. This is what bot lane’s all about, man. This is what I live for. Literally every game just getting fucking five-manned every waking moment. YUM Jeeesus That fat 5-man on my ass again, let’s get it. Okay, have my Rapid Fire now. This guy just went full fucking pen. He’s literally just gonna try and fucking assassinate me every teamfight. man I’m just gonna fucking sell my ‘zerkers. This guy’s just gonna play like a fucking ape against me every fight, so, might as well just fucking get this shit. Just prevent them from just chimping out ohhh That guy’s just waiting over the wall for me. Thank god, damn. What a fucking battle. Yeah, we should just rush it. They fucking ran the, uh, Taric shield away from us. Feels bad. Dude, the amount of work I have to put in for a fucking win is like, actually just, It’s a fucking shame, man. It actually is. I gotta carry these… useless fucks so goddamn hard, holy fuck. *sigh* And I love it. Fuck, man. I need someone to give me fucking vision. I knew this fuck would miss that smite, dude. I fucking autoed the thing just to make sure that we got it. I have fucking QSS, I don’t give a shit if I die. Or I have, uh, whatever the fuck it’s called. “YOU HIT YOUR ABILITY” “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” “WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS GAME” “I DON’T GET IT” “HOLY SHIT” “THE NAMI’S USING HER HEAL ON ME” “ON ME!” “WHAT THE FUCK” “SHE’S USING HER BUBBLE AND HITTING THE ENEMY CHAMPION” Dude, like, what the fuck is this game? I actually had to, like, 1v9 this shit. What the fuck. I actually had to 1v9 this shit to win it. Feels fucking bad, man. Feels real fucking bad. “See what happens, QT, when you’re positive?” Yeah, I love being a positive gamer. I love being a positive gamer. The Taric tanked it up. He’s getting the damn thing. I’ll give him credit. He was tanking it up. Thing is, too, I probably didn’t even do that much dam— oh, no, wait, no, I just fucking did my entire— I did more damage than— no… I want to say I did more damage than everyone on my team combined, but I’m a little short on that. Unfortunately. Very unfortunate. “That’s a YouTuber, isn’t it?” Yeah, I love it, man.