Idea 4G Net Setter – Maximum 4G Speed Test India

Idea 4G Net Setter   – Maximum 4G Speed Test India

friends today I’m going to unbox the idea 4G netsetter for you guys here I have a idea 4G netsetter and you can buy it from idea showroom in just rupees 3000 INR and you will also get 6GB 4g internet free with it yeah.. 6GB its too large now we will check the speed what speed it is giving actually I have a windows 10 and I already already installed of idea for the net setter so we’ll live in just plug in the idea netsetter and check what’s speed it is giving yeah it’s already installed so we will just plug in netsetter in the laptop slot it’s a plugged in and lighting green it means its connected now we will open new idea and organization that special feature of fortunate always you can browse oh browse through anything very fast you can you can see video without browsing without buffering you can just see our stream video liveand taking no seconds I will show you DEMO on this now we will connect it it’s connecting yeah it’s connected it’s showing LTE which means it is for the network now we will open the browser youtube we have YouTube now we will take the speed what speed it is actually giving so we will be listen sorry of Justin Bieber so we just be you that i will check what speed is giving it thing yeah i’m hoping to open its take no time this is really live you can see it you know what to plant then you have already seen the water speed variable takes to some two or three video more for you guys now I’m getting what we just more of justin bieber and so you speed its second no buffering time it’s just really stream life now what do you mean relation what do you mean justin beaver it’s click it click now and it’s like it’s really taking no time you can see got what’s mine are taking any kind is it’s really taking no time videos it’s very good yeah is the prophet of the 14 answer directly yeah i’m playing the european street now I’m going to play love yourself by justin bieber here i click it and yet it’s playing it’s really taking no time that’s never been to a job 4g really all that another she likes everyone but when it’s my friend of having or maybe it’s obviously remembering to play bang something like that its value so my final advises it’s good for the networks