How to Play Indoor Soccer : Kick Offs in Indoor Soccer

In this clip, were going to talk about the
kick off. The kick off is the start of the game. The ball is placed by the referee in
the center of the field and then the referee usually before the game they just decide who
is going to get the ball first and then whoever gets the ball first does not get the ball
at the start of the second half. Kickoffs also occur after one of the team?s scores
a goal. If you score a goal for your team, the opposing team then receives a kickoff.
The kickoff in indoor varies on the facility. A lot of them allow you to just pass the ball
directly or you can pass the ball forward. Sometimes they only allow you to pass it forward
just like outdoor rules. Another variation between indoor and outdoor is the fact that
you can actually score off of a kickoff. The fields are smaller and if someone got a big
foot and the goalie is not paying attention you can sometimes kick the ball down the field
without it touching anybody into the back of the net. Tom here has done that quite a
few times in our indoor seasons. Goal, it went in but you see if you get a better shot
you can make it and score before anyone even does anything.