How To Marble Car Paint Using House of Kolor Marbilizer

How To Marble Car Paint  Using House of Kolor Marbilizer

– [Instructor] Hey, Donny Smith here. In this video I’m gonna show ya a cool effect that is very easy to do. And what we’re doin’ is we’re using a House of Kolor Marblizer. First you start with a black base coat. You can use other colors
for different effects, but black is the best. Gives it the best appearance. And you just spray a medium wet coat on. It comes outta the can ready to spray. Don’t reduce it or anything. Let it set for about 15, 20 seconds. And then get somethin’
to put on top of it. Now I’m usin’ plastic here. You can use Saran wrap. This is plastic that we cover cars with. You can use paper, sponges. Whatever effect you’re goin’ with. But I’m gonna show you
a couple right here. Let it dry for about 15, 20 seconds. And then I’m gonna apply it. And then I’m gonna use my hand to kinda push this down. Notice that I wrapped the plastic up tight to give it a bunch of wrinkles. That kind of gives the effects of the veins in marble. And gives it a really cool effect. So I push it down, I’m gonna lift it off and that’s one effect right there. And the second thing I’m gonna show you is just some paper. I don’t like paper as well, but it does give a total different look. So I’ve wadded it up as well to give it some wrinkles. And I’m unfoldin’ it and I’m gonna push that on the surface. And you’ll see the kind of different effects that you can make. So it’s really limitless the different textures that you could go for. I just recommend getting a test panel like this and tryin’ different things and see what you like. It’s a little bit harder to hold in place, but you push it down just like I did with the plastic. And then you will lift it off. And with any of ’em, with the plastic or with the paper. If you see a spot that doesn’t
look like it got enough, you can kind of push it
down and change the texture. This is a slow drying product so you got a little bit of
time to work with it. So I’m just touchin’ it up a little bit. You’re about to see what
the differences look like. Now this is just a test panel. We use it for different things. Scuff it up and shoot somethin’ different so not really worried about the quality finish of this. But it looks really cool. Look like you did somethin’ really hard. And you can see the different textures. Now this is still wet. As this evaporates you need to allow it to dry at least 30 minutes. But as this evaporates, it’ll flatten out and then you
can clear coat on top of it. And it looks really cool. Again, I’ve never tried sponge, but that’s somethin’ that you
could try on a test panel. Paper, plastic, just whatever. Like I said, it’s very simple. Anybody can do this and it looks like you spent a lot of time and did something very difficult. We did do a car roof
like this on a Camaro. You can also do multiple coats. On this Camaro we did a coat and then sprayed it again with a medium wet coat and then put plastic on top of it
again to get this effect. Just an idea out there. I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen this before. Maybe you’ve seen it and thought man this would be real hard to do. Or maybe you knew how this was done. Either way it is very simple. Does not take any special techniques. Somethin’ that you could do. Anyway, thanks for watchin’ this video. If you liked it be sure
and give us a thumbs up. And we’ll talk to you in the next video.