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notifications, so guys as you can see over here this is my system unit and this is
the system unit an contains the power supply, the DVD drive, the RAM, the motherboard and other components over here this is my UPS then over here this other
side you have my with the keyboard the board with my mouse these
are my monitor so in definition of a computer can say the computer is an
electronic device that accept data so first accepting the data you must
have the input devices so you have the keyboard over here for input then the
mouse so the keyboard is under the keying device in the mouse is under the
pointing device, so that’s about the input so again the computer has to
process so the processor is inside the system unit the processor is CPU and
said this system units, then again the computer has to output so in my case
over here have one output device is the monitor so you have other output devices
so over here have a printer this is also my output device so let’s see now the
connections how these devices are all connected so that to make a computer
fully function for input, the processing and storage and output of information
some say that the computer must accept data as an input must process them can
store and output the data so over here this are how the these systems are
connected so as to make a computer a fully functional so so we have to
connect the input devices so the input devices that I have in my case have the
keyboard and this they’re called for the keyboard so you connect it at this point
here it’s connected here this USB port over here then you have one other part
down here as you can see the ps2 type of keyboard and mouse so this one is a USB
so again this is my mouse so you connect it over here to these are the USB port
depending in the mouse other mouse otherwise the ps2 so you connect them to
this port so in my case these are USB port so you connect it to the usb back
here so again the computer does now some of the input devices you have others
come as rather items so now the computer again has to process information so the
processor is in here the system unit I’ll present another video where I
disassembled the system unit and show you the processor but I have another
video that I have already disassembled the system unit so you will find the video down
below in the description, you’ll get the link so again the computer has to
output so this is my monitor so it’s a soft copy output so again you have to
connect it to the system unit so we have the monitor and the system unit so there
are two ways you cannot connect the monitor using these
VGA (video graphic adapter) so connected to the system unit again to
this port here the VGA port so you also have another Cable called HDMI cable
you can which can still link the the monitor and the system unit so the HDMI
port is here so you can show you over here is the HDMI port so you can also
link this system unit and the monitor so again I’m talking about the output
devices again you have the printer now the printer is a hardcopy output so it
will output the purpose the in printed form so you’ll touch the purpose this
always classified as the output device which hardcopy so again you have to
connect the printer to the system unit so this is the code connecting the
printer the system unit so now here connected here the printer then
connected to the system unit to USB, if your are computer
again compatible you can still link it to the system unit using the Ethernet
cable so my case I can still make it for these ports here with the Ethernet port
so you can still make it the system and link it to the system unit
Ethernet port over here again if you are a backup for your power so the computer
in my kia this Edisto and this tube doesn’t hold power if when the power
goes this block out so that’s why I’m having my UPS over here
so these ups at this point here you connected to the main source of power
then this power cable connect the existing unit this other one connected
to the monitor on any other device UPS depends with the model or tribe to
others may have a lot of ports over here connect to other different parts and
again so this when there is a blackout it will backup power for some period of
time again its prevent brown locks and then it raises the alarm during some
whereas so that’s all about the hardware so again we’ve talked about of printer
you can network the printer you can again network your system unit you can
share files using the Ethernet cable so I have a video for that which friend the
link down the description again so this just a preview this the system unit over
here it contains the processor and again the
storage devices I here have the ROM on the hard disk in my case this my desktop
has one terabyte hard disk then these are monitor out who device
these are keyboard these are King input device a mouse these are pointing input
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