Gitty Demos The Player Series Telecaster® | Fender

[MUSIC] I would describe the sound of
the Telecaster as classy ratchet, if it gets super twangy,
super gut bucket and dirty. But at the same time, he can really clean up well, and put on a suit and tie. [MUSIC] Hey, everybody, it’s Giddy. I’m a producer, song writer,
guitar player, and today, we’re going to be checking out
the Players Series Telecaster. [MUSIC] I like to use a classic instrument
that everybody knows the sound of and I like to find my own voice in it,
you know? [SOUND]
What I really like about the Player Series is that these instruments,
they really can grow with you. And anything from a beginner getting used
to it and learning how to play a Tele. And getting familiar with the sound
of a Tele to a professional. [MUSIC] The first thing that really stands out
to me is the quality of the pick ups. Some of the lower priced affordable
guitars you could really tell right away, when you put it, especially on the bridge pick up,
it seems to sound a little too bright. A little too unpleasant. Here, when you put it
on the bridge pickup, you get the twang of the Tele,
but it’s warm. [MUSIC] Another thing I really like about this
instrument is it has a modern C neck, which for me me is very comfortable. And for my hands, which are not very big, it’s a very comfortable instrument to
play on, and then also it has 22 frets. So for all of us guitar players
that love playing in the key of E, now we can do a high E right there,
so something I’m very excited about. Fender added some subtle new features that
really makes this really solid instrument. Including bent steel bridge saddles, more traditional Tele body shape,
and an F-stamp neck plate. It just adds a nice touch to
an already great instrument. [MUSIC] When I think of the sound
of Fender guitars, I just think of timeless,
classic, immortal, sound. That’s what I associate with the sound of electric guitar, period, It’s Fender! [MUSIC] Thanks for checking out the new Fender
Player Series Telecaster with me and stay tuned here for more videos. [MUSIC]