Garrettsville bowling alley planning another Queen of Hearts game

After the drawing. Yesterday we showed you a Youngstown man who took home more than three hundred thousand dollars at the Queen of Hearts drawing at Crickets Bar. But is all the work worth it? First News Reporter Amanda Smith talked to a bowling alley owner who helped give away three million in cash last year, and he says he can’t wait to do it again. [C20]20170815 QUEEN OF HEARTS27-PK When the Queen of Hearts drawing started at Skylane Bowling, Owner Aaron King had no idea it would get so large. Aaron King, Skylane Bowling: “WE ARE KIND OF LUCKY HERE, WE HAVE A BIG FACIITY, A LOT OF PARKING. BUT WHEN WE STARTED GETTING OVER FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE TO A DRAWING – IT STARTED CREATING CONCERNS AROUND THE PLAZA.” The games draw in lots of business. So much so that businesses often close the day after a drawing to recover. Aaron King, Skylane Bowling: “IF THE CARDS AREN’T DRAWN RIGHT, YOU COULD HAVE WHAT HAPPENED HERE AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN YOUR PARKING LOT.” The games walk a fine line between gambling – and contest. OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL SPOKESMAN DAN TIERNEY : “THE QUEEN OF HEARTS GAME IS REALLY JUST THE LATEST GAME THAT’S COME UP THAT’S KIND OF LIKE GAMBLING, BUT IS NOT NECESSARILY PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. IT’S IN A GREY AREA.” Tierney says state government has been talking about regulations, and King says he expects it to come soon. Aaron King, Skylane Bowling: “IT WOULDN’T HURT TO HAVE SOME SORT OF REGULATIONS, ON THE TICKETS AND THAT. I FORSEE IT COMING IN THE FUTURE IN SOME POINT IN TIME. BUT FOR THE MOST PART JUST KIND OF LET US DO OUR THING. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE LOVE IT. AND IT’S A LOT OF FUN.” Skylanes has another drawing starting September 17. That one will be worth at least 13 thousand dollars – but the pot will only grow from there. In Garrettsville, Amanda Smith WKBN 27 First News.