Fun Water Games – The Best Water Balloon Games Water Gun Fight & More Sick Az! (Inc. Super Slow Mo)

Fun Water Games – The Best Water Balloon Games Water Gun Fight & More  Sick Az! (Inc. Super Slow Mo)

Hey guys, Welcome back. Oh, it has been so hot here this week.
We’re in the middle of a heatwave. And today you would never guess how hot it is.
In fact, why don’t you comment below on how many degrees you think it is.
and I’ll stand here and wait. (ticking clock sound) No. You were wrong. It is 44 degrees! If you live in America, that is 122 degrees fahrenheit Yes. That means I’m probably going to catch on fire! Instead why don’t I show you all the
cool things that you can do with water First thing we do on a really hot day is inflate our pool. (fun music playing) Let’s fill her up. (fun music playing) Now lets fill her up with water Well this baby is going to take a while to fill up.
so In the meantime, let’s have our own water fun. If you are enjoying this video so far
be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE Do you guys have a sprinkler?
And a trampoline? and a bunch of friends who love to get wet? Kids cheering “Yay” Well how about you put that sprinkler under your trampoline. Do you know what I like to play with when it is hot?
Water Guns! Refill time! Another cool thing to make when it is hot
is a water slide. Without question the most fun you can have on a hot day is with water balloons! Hit me if you dare! How about water balloon baseball? If you guys have a trampoline. why not stay away from the bouncing balloons. Look at how big this sucker is If you guys want to see me fill up this baby
and bounce with it on the trampoline You’ve only got 5 seconds to like this video and subscribe to my channel Great job guys. Let’s get down to business Wow guys. Look at how big it is getting Guys, it is bigger than my whole body. All right, I think that is probably it.
Now it is time to bounce! Well guys, this thing looks indestructible.
But no balloon can survive this. A pin! If you liked this video be sure to click LIKE at the bottom
and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel If you enjoyed that video why don’t you check out one of my others. Thanks for watching guys