– What’s up guys?
Welcome to Friday. It’s five o’clock on a Friday, and the kids are home. Obviously
Tiffany’s home, I’m home. But not for long. We’re leaving. We’re going to pack it up and we’re going to
head off to have some fun with some of my friends. – Who’s friends?
– Who’s the friends? – Oh, like, friends? Oh, it’s a surprise,
they don’t know. – I know it’s out
of these three places: Main Event, Sky Zone, Uptown Alley. – It’s one of those three places by now, you may or may not know I don’t know yet what the title, find out what it’s gonna be. We kinda wing it.
We kinda just play it by ear. Kinda live our day and then I go, that’s what we’re
gonna call the video, right there. So yeah, we’re
gonna go have some fun. It’s Friday night, But we can’t stay up late because Bryce has a basketball
tournament this weekend. And tomorrow morning we’re taking the
kids to go see a house. It’s one of the houses
we looked at yesterday Tiffany really likes it. I said that in a vlog. I think I said,
“We both like it, “we both really like it.” She really likes it. So we’re gonna show the kids
and see if they really like it. And her sister. We’re gonna let
Chrissy see it too. And if everybody
gives it the thumbs up, then I think that might be
the push that Tiffany needs to say, “Let’s buy it.” (bass notes) Alright so at this point
the kids have figured it out because we’re
in the parking lot. As soon as I made
a right onto Wydell, they’re like, “Uptown Alley!” So I guess they got a
winter days thing right now and kids get bowling,
laser tag and video games for, like, cheap. So. – [Bryce] Wait, all three? We’re doing all three?
– All three. – And we’re meeting
with the Wolves, yes. – Yes! I knew it!
– Yes! – Yes, yes, you knew it. You knew it. You called it. – [Bryce] Called it. – It’s fun and games day. It’s Friday night.
Fun and games. Alright, up first, bowling! – Your name is
YouTube because, we put, the “C” wasn’t working. So for Michelle
we had to put “Shell” and for you we just put… – [Clintus] So
I’m YouTube, alright. So Shell’s up first? What’s up dude, how you doing?
– [Chase] Sup? Good. – [Clintus] How
was your Christmas? – [Chase] Good. – [Clintus] Yeah?
What’d you get? – [Chase] I got a RC car,
Traxxis Maxx, and a drone. – [Clintus] Sweet bro! (claps) – Yes! – [Sierra] Everyone’s
getting strikes. – [Clintus] Alright,
the big bad wolf is up. See what he can do. The same, the same. The same. Oh! The spare! With the spare! You just gonna roll it.
You just gonna roll it. You’re not
little enough for that. Oh! You’re gotta let it roll. You just, like,
threw it off the thing. – [Bryce] I almost
started doing that once. – [Clintus] You
just gotta roll. Whoo. It’ll go faster. Oh, it’s cosmic bowling time.
– Friday night. – [Clintus] Friday night.
Let’s go! Wooo!
– [Sierra] That’s a good one. – [Clintus] It’s a good one.
It’s a uh-ah, it’s another split. – I’ve gonna two strikes
and two spares this game. – [Clintus] Two
strikes, two spares? A little roller aren’t you?
– The best game ever. – [Clintus] A little roller.
The best game ever. Finally. (claps) You roll with no fingers bro? – Yeah, two hands. – [Clintus] Two hands. – I got that from Dude Perfect. – [Clintus] From Dude Perfect? – They did a collab
with the world’s best bowler and he bowls with two hands. – [Clintus] Really? – Because he said, “Double the
spin, double the strength.” – [Clintus] Alright.
Good strat, bro. Let’s see how you do at the end. – I’m not doing
that good but not bad. I have 73, Sierra has 99 Chase has 88, Kiera has 15. – [Clintus] It’s your
first time though, right? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Of using that style.
– Yeah. – [Clintus] How you doing? – Good.
– [Clintus] Are you doing good? – Two strikes and two spares. – [Clintus] Dang! – And 99 points, I’m winning. – [Clintus] Dang! – This is the best game
I’ve ever done in my life. We need to say on the vlog so, earlier Race was
using the little slide thing and he like pushed it really
hard and he got a strike. – [Clintus] He got a strike? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] I know that’s crazy. Race, did you get a strike? – Yeah! – [Clintus] Did
you get a strike? – [Sierra] Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Clintus] Yeah! Wanna say hi? Hey look. Look. Look Race. Say hi. Hi! What’d you get? Nachos! Oh yeah, oh yeah. Bryce got his own
cheeseburger sliders. – It has A Thousand
Island sauce and pickles. – [Clintus] Whoo.
We got tamales. We got some bruschetta. We got tacos. Alright. So the kids already
finished their first game. Who won the first game? – Um, I did. With 119 points. – 119 points. She’s bowled a 119. Now you’re in your second game, what are you at? – I’m in third place.
– You got 121 the first game, look, it says 121. – Oh yeah. – 121. She’s only at 22 right now. She’s like second
to last right now. – Yeah. – You gotta step up your game. Quit thinking about your nachos. Quit thinking about your nachos. She eating her nachos. (cheering) Did he get it? What did he get? – He got, like, eight.
Yeah, he got eight. – [Clintus] Thumbs
up dude. Yeah! (“Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid) ♫ Right foot, let’s stomp ♫ Left foot, let’s stomp ♫ Charlie Brown ♫ Hop it out now ♫ Slide to the right ♫ Slide to the left ♫ Take it back now y’all Someone teach
these kids how to do it. Alright so one of
the best snacks here at Uptown Alley, is hands down the pretzels. Pretzels and the
nachos are like the best. It’s not really
like a beer cheese, it’s like a fondue cheese. It’s like fondue cheese. It’s really good,
it’s really good. It’s good right? Thumbs up? Thumbs up? Thumbs up. For sure. Alright kids, so
after two games, who won? Who had the highest score? – Sierra won the first one
and I won the second one. – [Clintus] Well,
look. Who has the total? – I got 210. – [Clintus] Sierra won with 210. – I won. You won with 210.
– Sierra won! – Chase got second, I got third. – [Clintus] Chase got
second, you got third. Kiera you kinda gave
up though, didn’t you. Oh, your brother was
bowling for you, right? – Yeah, she was
letting Race try. – [Clintus] Aw, you’re
such a nice little sister. Awww. You guys have fun? Alright, the adults
will finish our game then we’ll go do something else. Alright, so, they are
all on the green team. And I’m on the blue team. So it’s me
versus them. Ha Ha Ha. Going down green. (kids talking) Alright, here we
go guys. Laser tag. Green versus blue. Alright so the girls are playing
another round of laser tag with the kids. I’m babysitting
little Race here. Say hi dude. Say hi. Hi! (laughs) He’s just sitting here, playing with balls. The balls. I just keep reaching back here, pulling them out for him. So he can play with them. Here dude. There you go. It’s like his
own little ball pit. (arcade games) Smells like farts in here. Alright guys, so
we’re back home now, after laser tag, the kids got to play a little
bit of arcade games but, unfortunately the
Wolves had a little emergency they had to go take care of. But uh, everything’s
okay, everything’s cool, but they just had to
stop what they were doing. They had to leave. So, unfortunately, we
had to cut the night short. Which actually, it’s
not really that short. It’s 9:30 at night. We started at 5:30,
I think, we started. So we were there for four hours guys, that’s a long time.
– Four hours, wow. It didn’t seem that long.
Seemed a little bit shorter. – Chilling. With
bowling we were just chilling. That’s why we were
taking our time playing you know, bowling. – Yeah, it was mostly bowling. – It was a good time. I hope you enjoyed that video. If you did, thumbs up. Tomorrow, Bryce kicks off
another basketball tournament. Three day weekend. Kids
have no school on Monday. I’m sure most of you guys have
no school on Monday, as well. What’s the holiday?
– Martin Luther King Jr Day. – Martin Luther King
Jr Day. No real school. So Bryce has two games tomorrow. Two games on Sunday, and then depending on
whether they win and lose determines whether
or not they play Monday. Obviously I want
them to go all the way. All the way to the championship, and just play as much
basketball as they can. But it’d be kinda
nice to have a day off. No school. No nothing. We’re gonna do something fun. Something fun and exciting. So we’ll see. We get a long
weekend, either way. Either way, it’ll be
a long, fun, weekend. So stay tuned. Check back
tomorrow and see where we go. Vlog on. – Vlog on from California. (upbeat music)