Explore the Various Types of Cord Locks Available from Strapworks.com with Brooklyn John

Greetings and salutations, everybody. How are you doing? Brooklyn John here, with you in the Fortress
of Solitude high atop the Strapworks.com Global Industrial Plaza. It’s a pleasure to have you along, as always,
as we take another adventure, another trip down the road at the Strapworks.com YouTube
channel. Today, we’re going to talk about a very versatile
little number. It’s called the plastic cord lock. You can find them on our plastic hardware
page at Strapworks.com. We have lots of different styles, lots of
different colors and they’re useful for many, many things. As a matter of fact, why don’t we take a closer
look at the cord locks right now. We’ve seen how the cord locks are made. Let’s take a look at the cord locks themselves. This is a ball-style cord lock. It comes in 12 different colors and three
different variants. You’ll have to look at the website to check
those out. Here is a barrel-style cord lock. As you can see there, I depress the button,
all right. Now this comes in 15 different colors and
three variations. I just happen to have one of the variants
here with me. As you can see, the original has a flat top
and bottom, and the variant has a ribbed top and bottom – just a little style difference
there. Moving on to the block-style cord lock, so
named because it’s a kind of square block type of situation. Of course, you depress the button there. These all have springs in them, metal springs. Next up it’s the bowling pin cord lock. Here you can see it here in black. This comes in 15 different colors and three
variants, which you can see on the website. You can see I’m depressing the button. It takes a little bit of pressure to press
the button. It’s a metal spring, so it’s going to take
a little strength on your part, and it will hold very nicely. This is a capped barrel cord lock. You can see it’s kind of a barrel-shaped cord
lock with a ridged cap there. There you go, depress the button on that one. The capped barrel has 10 colors and three
different styles, which you can see on the website. Next up is an interesting piece. This is the double hole cord lock. You can probably tell because it has the hole
here and the hole there, and you can pass a loop through there and lock it down. A lot of people like these for if you have
pain or problems with your hands or your legs, these are great for making shoelace ties. You just put both ends of the shoelaces, one
in through here, one in through here, you pull them taut, you lock it down and there
you go. Your shoes are going to stay on. So, there you go, double hole cord lock. Now this only comes in black. We only have the one color and the one style. Next up is the ellipse. This is the ellipse-style cord lock. Very nice. Again, you can see it takes a little bit to
depress the button. This is one of the cord locks that have a
wide enough mouth that it can take two pieces of parachute cord going through it. This one, the block-style cord lock, the double
hole cord lock, the oval, they can all take two. The ball style and the bowling pin style and
the capped barrel style can take two with a little work. The rest can only take one, and, of course,
the ellipse also comes in white. Black and white, that’s all you got there
for the ellipse. Next: You saw the ellipse before. This is the oval style. Very similar you say? Well, yes, it is, but if you look very closely
in here, that is not a metal spring. That is a plastic spring. The reason for that is there are going to
be some applications that you’re going to want to use around water or moisture in general,
or maybe you want to use these in a situation where you going through an airport and you
don’t need a metal spring to set off the metal detectors. This is going to be a good choice for you. Next up, this is the round barrel cord lock. This comes in 11 colors and three different
styles. It has a metal spring. This is actually one of my favorite styles. I think it really looks clean and simple. It really looks nice. A nice choice of colors too that it comes
in. Last, but not least, is the uncapped. Before you saw that the capped had like a
ridge around the top here. This one is uncapped, and, of course, it has
a metal spring. There you go. Here you see the cord locks as a group. Here is the block style, the ball style, the
barrel style, the capped style, the uncapped barrel style, the bowling pin, the rounded,
the double hole, the ellipse and the oval. Now, like I said, the block, the ellipse,
the oval and the double hole, they can all take two at once. The barrel style and the ball style can take
two with a little effort. The capped, the uncapped, the bowling pin
and the rounded, those really can only take one. They have smaller holes, but it should not
be a problem for you. These are very versatile cord locks and you
will get a lot of use out of them. Check out the cord lock page on the Strapworks.com
website and you’ll be able to see all the different colors and all the different variants. OK, now here you see our block-style cord
lock with two pieces of cord running through it making a loop. This is one of our 1-inch ratchet buckles. This weighs nearly a pound. A lot of people say, “How much can one of
these cord locks hold on a piece of cord?” Note I am holding this by the outside of the
cord lock, not touching the button or the cord itself. Almost a pound, not a problem. No slip. Nothing. All right, you are getting very sleepy. Now it’s actually working very well, and you
see you can easily pass two pieces through a block-style cord lock. A lot of times our customer service people
and myself do get asked, “How do you use your cord lock?” Well, it’s very easy. First of all, a cord lock only works with
narrow rope or cordage. This is parachute cord. It’s very narrow, as you can see. A lot of people also wonder, “Which hole do
I put it through? Do I put it through the main hole or the hole
up top here?” Well, I’ll tell you what, if you put it through
the hole up top it’s not really going to work very well. That’s the hole that matches down into the
main hole when you depress the cord lock. You simply pass the cord through and release,
and you’ve got a hold on there, and that’s a pretty good hold too. We do sell other rope. We sell prusik cord. Now, a lot of people wouldn’t consider that
a very thick rope, but it’s not going to go through your cord lock, not at all, ever. Then, of course, we also sell kernmantle rope. That is thick rope. This is climbing rope. Of course, we don’t rate it for climbing,
but like I said in the Caribbean video, you don’t have to listen to me. This is the self-same rope that most climbers
use. And, of course, you can see the body of the
kernmantle rope is the same size as the body of the ball-style cord lock, so getting that
though there, unless you have some sort of like interspace warp type of situation, yeah. Not going to happen, no. Parachute cord, yes. Kernmantle, no. No. Prusik cord, no. Cord locks, very simple. Did you ever think a little piece of plastic
and a spring could do so much? I’m telling you, they’re really, really useful
little items, very popular. They fly off the shelves here at Strapworks.com. We’re going to keep a lot in stock and we
want you to know all about them. We want you to know all about us as well,
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