EPIC GoPro Ball Hockey Game 11 | 4 GoPro’s! | HD 60fps | CC

EPIC GoPro Ball Hockey Game 11 |  4 GoPro’s! | HD 60fps | CC

You want to warm me up? Is that a 70’s goalie? It looks like Grant Fuhr in net. I see a lot of holes… lol You good? Do you want a warm up or you’re good? Alright boys lets go! You got it goalie! Lets go. You ready? Got time. Got time. Got time! Around the back. No. No. No. You’re not serious? Zio! Two on one! Shoot! Put it up! That’s it. Atta boy Chris! YUP! Middle! Go Mars! You got space. I got him. Take Siggs. On net. On net! Nice try Derek! It curved on me… On net on net. Mars Man! Nice play. That’s it boys. Thierry! Nice save. Behind! Behind! Tush you ready? Yeah! That’s it boys! Yeah! WHO’S on D!?!? Two on one! Come on Matt! MATT! My bad. Nice sav… Awh… [email protected]#k. Nice Andrew Boards! Nice one. Shoot! ALL YOU! Nice goal. It’s okay unlucky bounce boys, don’t worry about it We’ll get it back. Almost worked. I thought you had that. It’s alright. Nice save. Atta boy Siggy! Stay Matt. Go up Thierry! AH. [email protected]#k off Hewitt! Come on boys! Come on boys. Change it up! Go Hewitt! Clapper! Get back in the plays boys! Make some passes! Awh [email protected]#k. Sorry. No it’s okay it bounced on you, I saw it. BEHIND! BEHIND! BEHIND! Its alright Derek. I thought I had it under my leg. Shit! Not your fault Mars. Karma’s a bitch. That’s exactly what i thought was going to happen! Good play Chris! Here Thierry! You have Mars! Yup! Yup! Again! How many [email protected]#king times… It’s the same play. Don’t take that second second. Boards! Somebody cover Anthony! Stay in between! Tushar all alone.. of course. That’s it! Come on boys we’re down by 2 here, with less then 20. Help boys, we need help! Shoot! You alright Chris? Shoot it! Change! Go, around around around! Matt i wanted you to go around the net. Either play the penalty or don’t. WOW Finally one of them worked. What is that, like our sixth time trying that? Chris! Atta boy Chris! Matt watch that guy! Holy [email protected]#k! Nice. Come on somebody help him! Stay on him Sigg! Shoot! God dammit I love scoring! Got to cover your man! Go Tush Go. WOW. Nice save. Stay with him! Come on guys 30 seconds! 30 seconds lets go! Big D shift boys! Big D shift! Hurry up lets go! Way to take a block! You got 5 seconds!