[ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP3 – ‘Hyung Will Show You’ Chan, Hyunjin, and Seungmin’s Snack Bet!

BC: This time should we bet snacks? BC: Hwaiting! Hyung with show you a little bit^^ BC: Lets go lets go! (Bowling after betting on who will buy snacks) (t/n lol too hype) (Seungmin rolls the ball romantically and innocently for now) (t/n honestly idk why it says that) (romantic innocence goes down the gutter…^^) (ah… that cold-hearted bowling ball…) (Hyunjin rolls the ball indifferent and chicly) (easily strikes) (gets frivolous) (please… please…) (what will it be?) (for some reason I want to fly today=Bang Chan’s mood) (strike) (t/n damn this boy is good!) (Did you see that~ my skills~) (t/n WTF IS THIS MARSHMALLOW) SM: For some reason I feel like I’m going to end up buying the snacks today (the romantic innocence… my wallet… my money…) (just throws it) (Seungmin’s puzzled) (the bowling ball drives forward) (thats a strike!!!!) (speechless) (After that, Seungmin’s ball goes) (his face brightens after the ball goes in) (easily picks up the spare~^^) (excited) BC: We’re going to end up loosing to Seungmin? (satisfied) (throws the bowling ball at his turn!) (t/n this marshmallow’s face I’m crying) (chants (ability) is shaking when he starts) (Bang Chan is weakly loosing this battle…) (Seungmin is fiercely leading with the points by a tongue) (finally the last turns) SM: I’m going to try and turn this score around. (He has thrown the ball!) (so who will be the one who has to buy the snacks?) (freezes) (Seungmin makes a perfect strike!) (The winner of this game is me!) BC: Why are you being like this to your hyung? (With that strike, Seungmin was able to win over Chan) SM: Should we start boiling the ramen? (the end result hasn’t been decided yet) (just one more chance to turn the results around!) (the one who is good at bowling, I am Bang Chan) (making the strike not a big deal) (please… just once…) (I BEG YOU) (please don’t strike…) (anxious, nervous) (the last bowling throw) (passionate back as this hyung bowls) (nervous x100) (is it really a strike?!) (the direction of the ball is good, but what will Bang Chan’s fate be?) (t/n okay I actually snorted) (speechless)