Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 – Ep 2 – Full Episode – 11th February, 2020

Suman, come on, hurry up.
We are getting late. I am ready. Suman, you are taking
too long to get ready. Suman, are you wearing
the uniform today, too? Come on,
we are going for a function. We are not going
for an army parade. And it looks like you
are going to a fashion show. Very funny. Besides,
don’t I look like a model? All right, put this in your bag. Can I tell you something, Suman? Such army events
do not come very often. This is a kind of hunt. A hunt for attractive officers. For such a hunting,
you have to wear such clothes.. Not your scout uniform. If I don’t wear the uniform,
then how will I salute dad when he gets the medal? Such opportunities
don’t come often. And I don’t want to miss
such an opportunity. Shall we go now? You are getting
late for the fashion show. Yes, Captain, let’s go. Hurry up,
soldiers are very punctual. Yes.
– I wish Vijendar was coming. He could see the army life. And he could also see
how much the colonel respects his elder brother. Yes, you are saying as if God himself is going
to appear there. And brother-in-law
won’t be able to see him. Why are you getting
annoyed, dear? I know that you didn’t like
leaving the old house. I admit that this
house is small. But isn’t it in an army colony? And my business
is with the army. And the biggest things missing
in Shravan’s life will be found here. A soldiers attitude.
It means discipline and responsibility. Look how irresponsible he is.
Look at him. Shravan, hurry up,
I am getting late. Hurry up, get in the car. Dad, you go in the car.
I will take my motorbike. What? Dad, I have to go somewhere
after this event of yours. My event? It’s not mine. It’s the nation’s event. It would be good if we go
together as a family. Explain it to him. You are amazing. Who there
is going to pay attention to whether the Malhotra family
comes together in a car or not? Isn’t he coming?
He is listening to you. If you force too much,
then he will leave some day. How far will he go? He is
like a kite without string. Isn’t he? Are you going to keep
staring now? If we get late, then you
will be court martialed. Be there on time.
– He will be there.. Go.. Oh no.. Where did my ticket go? I wonder who has it. Today, one more
medal will be here. The more medals the husband has,
more proud the wife will be. And you should be. Your hard work and sacrifice are
responsible for these medals.. Just as much as mine. You never made me think
of it as a sacrifice. I am unable to find
enough time for you. It’s not necessary to be always
with me to give me your time. You make the time
we get be memorable. Anjali, don’t you really
have any complaints to me? Not at all. Just like how every officer
has a commanding officer you are my commanding officer. You protect the nation. I will protect our family. Anjali, you and our family
are my biggest strength. Thank you. Everyone’s waiting outside. Yes, we are coming. Looking sharp, cadet. Dad, we are all
very proud of you. Thank you, dear. Okay? Shall we?
– Let’s go. You sit in the car in the front. The kids will be sent
in the car behind. Please go. How are you, Mr. Sanjay? You have lost weight. Thank you. Oh wow, their love story
is something special. Yes.
– You should learn from him. How to open the door
and pulling the chair. Listen, we should
have a love story. If I pull your chair
and you fall then it will be
a different story. You keep pulling my leg always. That is why you are
not in the army. That’s nonsense..
– No, it isn’t. Nothing.. Rajesh, where are you going? I was..
– To the back? No. Come with me in the car.
Come. Do you see?
So what if I am not in the army? My brother is. Come on. Listen.. So many mirrors! You won’t find them even
in a heroine’s house. Do these army soldiers
see their faces all day? No, Dear. These mirrors are
kept everywhere so that an officer can check
if his uniform is all right before meeting another
officer. Their uniform is highly
respected by them. Really? You didn’t know that? Do civilians have
permission to sit in your army event? Or do we have to
stand till evening? We just came.
Wait for a while. Usually there’s a separate arrangement for
civilians to sit. They would have kept one. Did you park the bike
properly in the parking? Yes, Dad.
– Sure? Yes. Yes, Bunty? Did you find the ticket? ‘No, dude. I searched
the whole of Bhopal.’ Search again. I’ll come too,
when I’m free. Yes. Where did dad go? Grandpa.. ‘You don’t steal
this jacket, my boy.’ ‘You earn it.
How dare you!’ ‘Damn! That is him.’ Kavita? See that. The one standing
in the corner. He is retired
Brigadier Chandok. And standing with him is he is Colonel Vijay’s
junior. Colonel Rastogi. The army business
department in Bhopal is headed by him now. And my contract file is
also with him. And on his left..
– Enough.. Tell me who’s who
only when I ask you, okay? My memory can’t save
that much. Excuse me? Civilian? Yes.
– Please sit back. This is not for civilians. Why? Is this chair at the border? Excuse me?
Manners? Forgive me. I didn’t know
I needed that here. I have left my home
and come here. Are you getting up?
Or should I call somebody? Listen. You probably don’t know
who has invited us here. We have..
– JCO Sir? Sir, he’s a civilian. He can’t find his seat. Please help? Morning, Karan.
– Good morning, Devraj. Good morning, ma’am. Come, let me show you
your seats. Please come. Come. Any problem? Sir, he was sitting
in the officer’s area. Dad, I was just sitting
in the first row. It’s okay. Sir. Won’t you greet Mr. Karan? Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, son. He’s grown up. Seems like you’re impatient
to join the army. No, sir.
I was just.. For now.. He’s concentrating
on his studies. Good. Please come. These are your seats.
Please. After you. Thank you. Please sit.
I’ll join you at lunch. Is it so hard for you to
abide by some manners? I told you to keep your
phone on silent. Sorry, Dad. Put it on silent. Yes I will. Yes? Bunty, did you find
the ticket? ‘No, dude.
I didn’t find it.’ Then find it! Why do you keep calling to
say you didn’t find it? ‘Idiot. Can’t even stand
to show respect.’ ‘Useless civilian.’ Shravan. She is the Colonel’s
daughter. Isn’t she cute?
– Yes. Is she the Colonel’s
daughter? Yes, she is Suman. Have you met her?
– No, not yet. I’ll introduce you
to her later. – Okay. Hey, look at him. Colonel Vijay’s father. Retired Brigadier Mohan Tiwari. Oh, God! ‘Catch him.
Thief.’ The entire family is here. They stay next door. I got saved. She is not aware that I was on the bike
this morning. Bike number
MP 04 HO 4037. Remove your bike
from the army parking. MP 04 HO 4037. MP 4037? It is my bike, sir. You have parked the bike
in the officer’s area. Please remove that. Why are you standing
like a statue? Go and move your bike
quickly. My ticket. Greetings. We’ll begin this special program
with the National Anthem. I request all of you
to please rise. The boy is interesting,
right? Don’t you know
the difference between mannerless
and interesting? What a loser! He’s looking at me as though he will
court-martial me right now. I welcome all the authorised
officers, ‘sardar sahiban’ non-commissioned officers,
brave soldiers. – Suman. Our veterans..
– Why were you showing him the ticket repeatedly?
– And your families. Is it a secret code? This is a matter of pride
for us. – Suman, tell me. What is the connection? There is no connection.
He is a thief. Oh! I realised it
the moment I saw him. He stole my heart too,
you know? The country is proud
of your achievements. You had come here
for a hot officer, right? You are having eyes
on a civilian now. Your standard is like
the temperature of Siachen. It drops anytime. Very funny. These brave soldiers.. I’m unable to find
your ticket in this world. Shall I check in the sky? Let it be, Bunty.
I found the ticket. Did you find the ticket?
How did you find it? Where did you find it? It is with the daughter
of dad’s Colonel friend who has invited us. Really?
What do you mean? Do you remember that girl
from the morning’s incident who was running
behind the bike? Oh! Is it her?
Well, you got the ticket. But she was beautiful. I mean, I saw a glimpse of her. Oh, wow! She is the Colonel’s
daughter. Talk with respect. Otherwise, the entire
country will shoot you. But tell me one thing.
Had you covered your eyes? How did you not
recognise her? Her! We had met once or twice
during childhood. I am a human being. I’m not a hard disc to save
everything in the memory. She has changed a lot. But one thing
is still the same. She was short-tempered
back then and she is short-tempered
even now. She may be short-tempered. But my Shravan is no less. Come on, work your magic
and get your ticket from her. Yes, I’ll do something. Colleagues and officers,
we are going to begin the procedure
of honouring our officers. Dad’s name
will be announced now. Obviously!
That is why we are here. The soldiers who will be
honoured today are Colonely Vijay Tiwari
from Thar Regiment. Captain Deepak Bharadwaj
from Shaurya Regiment. Kalpesh Singh
from SMP Rifles. All of them are being
honoured with this award for their display
of bravery. Be it victory or defeat,
they never fear. Anybody whom you meet
on the path of struggle all of them are right. Colleagues, the history
of victory and battle is old. The truth is also
equally old that the title of the winner
is always given to the one who does not give up
in severe conditions and who does not leave
the battlefield due to the fear
of the enemies. The ones who destroy
the enemies with their bravery skills
and strong determination is the Indian Army. They step onto
the battlefield and show their bravery. Shravan. Malhotra Regiment,
here too? Oh, no! Grandpa has also seen
this loser now. Now, he’s gone. I’ll bring him. Dad, do you know him? Did you get hurt?
Are you all right? I’m sorry, sir. I’m sorry.
Come, let’s go. Let’s go there.
Come quickly. I’ll teach you a lesson.