DSA0005 Interview with deaf bowler

Hello, I am Hau En.
[Fingerspelling: H-A-U E-N] I came to observe bowling at CSC Bukit
Batok Westwood Bowl. I would like to have a chat with this
bowler, Andy Toh. Hello, I heard you are good at bowling. I also heard you represented Singapore at
at Deaflympics Games. How, please share your experiences with
us. Ok, it was a good experience for me and
especially, I saw many deaf bowlers from the world. It was an awesome
experience. We exchanged our point of views and
shared our culture and sign language. Wow, you are the best! You trained very hard. How did you
become a successful bowler? I thanked my bowling coach, captain and
team for correcting my mistakes. What is your wish for the deaf
bowling team? My wish is to see my bowling team to have
proper equipments and a coach, just like what Singapore Bowling
Federation do. Wow, thanks for sharing! See you in the next video.
Thank you for watching!