Driver vs. Driver 2: Meet Hank Boomershine & Victor Marion

Hey guys, I’m Hank Boomershine.
I’m Victor Marion. We’re the bowling ball guys… and we used a lot of the technology from bowling to help us create the design that we brought to you today.
Hank and Victor both reside in Perry, Utah and are looking to make their mark
in the golf world. Victor and I, we both worked here at Storm products I’m the Vice President of Sales and R&D and Victor’s the Director of Research and Development. We work as a great team in designing bowling balls and we’ve designed some of the best in the industry over the last several years. I’ll come up with a design
and then I go to Victor and say hey Vic, let’s put it together and let’s put in
the CAD program. He’s like hey I like that idea let’s run with it. He has
a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill set and he’s really good with the
CAD programs and drawing and taking those ideas that are kind of in our
heads and on off pieces of paper and making them reality.