Xerox INKjet-setters Summit 2018: Highlights

Welcome to the south of France, for this INKjet-Setter Summit, 2018. I’m here because I have a group that I’m on the board of directors of, which is the International Printers Network, and Xerox, when they run events, they invest in their customers and they’ve invested in our group, to bring them here to help our group understand, what they […]

PVCC 2017 Sonography Program Pinning Ceremony

(lighthearted music) – Hello, good evening. I wanna welcome you all to the sixth, can’t believe it, Sixth Annual Diagnostic Medical Sonography Pinning Program and Ceremony. The students here on the stage worked very hard to get here tonight. This honor is not only theirs, but those who share in their challenges to achieve these goals. Naan Russell summed it […]