Bowling Church (UMTV)

(bowling pins scatter) (Mike Veres) The reason this is my home church is because I felt comfortable going to a bowling alley. (pastor) ..thank you so much. (Therese Lynn) To be able to have a small church service in a bowling alley is a godsend. (man) Oh, darnit all. (Scot Ocke) My name is Scot Ocke and I have the […]

A Guide to On-Site Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort

>>Emily Kaufman: If you wanna make the most of your Universal Orlando® Resort vacation, why not stay in the heart of all the excitement? Right here, at one of Universal’s spectacular on-site hotels. Each hotel is within walking distance of Universal’s theme parks and the CityWalk® entertainment complex. Plus, you can take free shuttle buses, or as a deluxe hotel […]

Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Teams

In this clip the game begins. Our teammates are posted on what we call a team board. We have four different games in bowling. Singles, obvious, one against one, pairs, two, triples, three against three and what we call rinks is four players against four players. Singles and doubles each bowl four bowls which makes up a set of bowls. […]

AMAZING Castles in the US!

If you think about amazing castles, your mind may automatically jump to Europe and you’d be right! Luckily though, Europe is not the only place that has these amazing pieces of history, and even in the much younger United States, we have our fair share of castles that are well worth the visit. So, let’s plan our next road trip!! […]