All right guys before this video starts I have to let you guys know that We are going to be going on an East Coast Tour That is the big announcement that I talked about on Instagram, and Snapchat, and Twitter I know I haven’t talked about it on YouTube yet but I announced it earlier on those platforms. Quentin, […]

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

What’s the first line? [beep] Hello everyone, I’m Crystal Egli and I’m a videographer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. My job is to create videos about all the things Colorado Parks and Wildlife does, from free fishing clinics to wildlife research and management, our Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments program to outdoor recreation profiles. You can often find me and […]

How to referee backcourt plays! 5 Play Friday #5playfridays #abetterofficial

Hey everybody, welcome back to the channel. It is Friday and we’ve got 5 plays. Stick around! hello again it’s Greg with, where we craft video to help basketball officials get better and take control of their officiating career welcome to another edition of five play Fridays where we look at plays and see what we can take from […]