LED Pontoon Lighting Install

so I’m working on something a little different today as you guys know I really enjoy the lake to live right here basically on the lake and kind of wanted to do a little nighttime lighted on the boat so I think what I’m going to try to do is I ordered a bunch of LED strips kind of try […]

Being In An Interracial Relationship

– When I told my dad, “I’m dating someone from Norway,” and he made a joke. He’s like, “Damn, you couldn’t even have gone for “an Italian or somewhere south. “You went for the most northern, “the whitest.” – The whitest of the white. (upbeat music) – Amber and I have been dating for going on two years now. – […]

일상의 재현 : 볼링연습하기

JH: Guys! I’m showing my latest everyday hobby! Which is… …bowling! Tadaaaa Guys this is my equipment. These are the equipments that I got when I first started bowling! Bowling shoes. Gloves. You have to stretch a lot before you start. [Bowling teacher] That’s it! You did a good job! [Bowling teacher] I can feel that you’re really trying your […]

Singularities | Black Holes – Space Documentary

Patrolling space like a century the satellite telescopes Swift is on constant lookout for cosmic disasters When it finds one Down on earth word spreads quickly Every few days the satellite spots of violent eruption in deep space Sending dozens of stargazers scrambling Whether they’re seasoned pros or high school amateurs their goal is the same got a camera focus […]