Michael Porter Jr.’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Faith | The Players’ Tribune

– It was heartbreaking. That’s what I’ve been working my whole life towards. Packed stands, sold-out crowd, everybody’s cheering like crazy, and I can’t even jump off the ground. – Smile at the camera. Dribble and turn around and smile, so it looks natural. – Haha. When I moved to Missouri, my dad works at the arena, so I’m in […]

So You Think You Can Dance While Also Performing Surgery?! 👩‍⚕️💃 NEW Game Show! | All That

Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance While Also Performing Surgery! I’m Kat Litter and I think I speak for most of America when I say, Why are we doing this? I’m here with our first competitor for the night, Dr. Amber Splits McGee! [cheering] Doctor, what will you be performing for us this evening? I will be performing […]

Bowling Night | Theory Vlog 48

So if you couldn’t tell in that little clip there at the beginning that Austin basically just kicked all of our butts at bowling none of us stood a chance Everybody cried afterwards it was so tragic But I’m gonna get my revenge I am gonna take him down bowling style… Probably not, I’m…I’m okay I’m not great but I’m […]