Foundations of Rome | Game the Game

(upbeat funky music) – Hey, welcome to “Game the Game!” I’m your host, Becca Scott and today we are playing “Foundations of Rome.” I have two incredible guests, let me introduce you to them. Ivan Van Norman! – Hello, Becca. (laughs) – Hello, Ivan. – Good to see you again. – You said that like a Muppet, I love it. […]

Dice चला क्या? Hurdles पार करो तो जाने😎 Valentine’s Smilies kitty luck games | English subtitles |

Hello Feinds, I am Your Friend Anu Singhal Welcome You to my Channel I have brought a cute luck game made by smileys Which will be played by a dice The games which are played with a dice have no chances of cheating Other than this , its amusing to play Present this game in your group, birthday parties and […]

Baxter Playing Chess

Hello my name is Omar Gamal ElBere. I am working with the AI and robotics lab (IRI) in the United Arab Emirates University I made the playing chess robot Baxter project under the supervision of Dr. Fady Alnajjar. The project consists of making the Baxter robot play chess with humans and it was divided into two parts first to make […]