Build It. Draw It. Play It. Vsauce! Kevin here with some of the coolest creations from extraordinary people. This is BiDiPi. BUILD IT Michael Grab assembles sculptures out of rocks using only gravity. They’re meant to evoke awe and disbelief surrounding the forces of nature, as well as illustrate what can be accomplished with delicacy and patience. The series is […]

Liverpool vs Besiktas (1-0) 19.02.15 | Europa League Football Match Preview and Predictions

Hi this is Natalie Rydstrom and you’re watching SBR picks. Liverpool and Besiktas clash for their Europa fixture. It was back in 2007 when these two teams last faced each so what’s install for this match? Alex from Boom Betting Agency joins us now to give us his predictions for the match. Now looking at the three-way line here Liverpool […]

table tennis forehand push

STEVE FOSTER: Hi there, Welcome to Today we’re going to demonstrate the Forehand Push. So first we need to get into a forehand ready position because we’re playing across the table So, like the Forehand Drive, it’s important to get your feet in the right position. And usually it’s important to have your feet just slightly further apart than […]

table tennis forehand loop

STEVE FOSTER: Welcome to Today we’re going to focus on the Forehand Loop So if you all remember the Forehand Drive Now take a step back from the Forehand Drive to give yourself a bit more space for the Forehand Loop The Forehand Loop, like the Forehand Drive, is similar, but it’s a slightly longer stroke because we’re trying […]