Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Scores

In this clip, we will talk about scoring. This board is a duplicate of our game board. Our game board looks just like this. We have three names, and three names playing against each other. Monday red, Brink five on this green, which is the green number one, or the South green. So, our game has progressed, we are in […]

Present From Bape/Bowling!

[Music] [Music] so today my friend Carol Carol um got me in contact with babe and I was talking to them or nothing all so I’m gonna her and they wanted to give me a present so they told me to stop by the Bape store so oh shoot it’s locked there we go okay we are at the Seoul […]

What’s inside a Swingless Golf Club?

– We came up with a super great idea, incredibly safe. (club shoots) (man screaming) – [Host] What! This is Claire and she is golfing for her first time today. (Claire chuckles) Just relax, just relax, take it easy. In today’s video, Lincoln and I have a bit of a surprise for her. One of the weirdest golf things you’ve […]

Using a Wheelchair in Korea

Haeppy: Today on twoplustwo. BapMokja: The Wheelchair Challenge. BapMokja: Thankfully, I’ve never broken a bone in my life. Haeppy: Neither have I. BapMokja: And I’ve never had a cast or had to use crutches to get around. Haeppy: Neither of us have ever come close to losing our abilities to walk. BapMokja: Today on twoplustwo BapMokja: we’re going to see […]

Episode 4: Sincerely, Me: Backstage at DEAR EVAN HANSEN with Will Roland

All right kids at home this is it. The episode you’ve all been waiting for On this episode of Sincerely Me, we’re going bowling! [cheers] Sabrina Patel here! –Oh my god, get, no! [to the tune of “On Broadway”] They say the neon lights are bright…where I work, Broadway! buh-buh-dum, but don’t know Jacobs and Nick Sacks, buh–duh-buh-dum. Oh my […]