Break building masterclass. Go pro snooker. Lesson 1. Part 1

Break building masterclass. Go pro snooker.  Lesson 1. Part 1

Hello, snooker fans! Welcome to Snooker PRO CLUB Youtube channel. I’m Vilius Schulte-Ebbert, EBSA snooker
coach and player. In this snooker practise video (8reds and
8blues), I will share my thoughts on shot selection, cue ball spin, cue ball speed and
cue action. Let’s begin! At the beginning of this practise routine,
you can put a cue ball wherever you want. I recommend you to start with the fourth red
from the right side (for the right hand player) and the opposite side (for the left hand player). This shot I played with the little right hand
side below the cue ball centre. Right hand side helped me to make good positional
play for the next blue ball. I also played with three-cushion speed. One big tip! Try to play all shots as smooth as possible. Smooth, long, and accelerating backswing will
cause good cue ball timing and straight cue delivery. It allows controlling the cue ball better,
than during the jerky, fast and hard cue action. The 2 shot I played below the cue ball centre. Take a soft crew shot, smoothly delivering
with one-cushion speed. In case, somebody wonders, why do I play this
shot with a bit left hand side, the answer is pretty simple – It ensures better potting
and cue ball control. Why cue ball control? Because cue ball rolls better with the little
side spin, so I can use less cue ball power. It may be tricky for the beginner snooker
players, but for intermediate or advance players this shot wouldn’t be a problem. Simple roll of shot slightly higher than cue
ball centre. Play with 1 cushion speed with short controlled
backswing. 5 shot is difficult, because for the right
hand player it is harder to reach the shot, even when you are quite tall like me I also need to backspin a ball and execute
3,5 – cushions speed. My tip is to try being as comfortable as possible
with your body, otherwise, use mini butt or rest. Now, play this shot softly a bit below the
cue ball centre with 1,25 – cushion speed. I made poor positional shot for the seventh
red ball, having only tiny angle to make position for the next blue ball. So, I will play power shot and I create more
angle. Aim a bit bellow cue ball centre and play
it with 4 cushions speed. I have to play long blue to corner pocket,
because it is easier to control cue ball and make position for the reds, than to play blue
ball into the middle pocket. Play it slightly below the cue ball centre
with 2,5 – cushions speed. My Tip is to remember, that the thinner potting
angle, the harder cue ball control.