go to Play Sore and download HiroMacro Click the settings icon (blue icon) at the bottom of screen on the right side Click “Macro ActionKey” and choose “Add a button on the screen” Click START button and allow ROOT ( I did it earlier) Click on the grey button on left side Click red button RECORD Throw the ball as well as you can! You have to get a strike! Do it on flat and stable surface! Click the grey button to stop recording. Click the grey button and choose your record. This is very bad throw but you have to do this perfectly and got a strike. Now look on my perfectly script, made on my own. The script runs every 10 seconds. So wait for execution. You should use the basic ball as I use here. It is the best for strikes. ONE MORE PERFECT SHOT:) DO NOT FORGET TO STOP YOUR SCRIPT BY CLICKING THE GREY BUTTON IF YOU LEAVE THE GAME This is my perfect script to get always strikes. Works only on resolution 1280×720. Check description! THANKS FOR WATCHING!